Samsung Introduces Bixby Feature that Creates AI-Generated Replica of User's Voice for Answering Calls - Credit: TechCrunch

Samsung Introduces Bixby Feature that Creates AI-Generated Replica of User’s Voice for Answering Calls

Samsung has just announced a new feature for its Bixby AI assistant that will allow users to create an AI-generated copy of their own voice. This means that when you receive a call, the caller will hear your own voice answering the phone instead of a robotic one.

The new feature is called “My Voice” and it uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to generate an audio file based on recordings of your own voice. It then uses this audio file as the basis for creating an AI-generated version of your voice which can be used to answer incoming calls.

This is not only useful for those who want to sound more natural when they answer calls but also provides added security since it makes it harder for someone else to impersonate you over the phone. Additionally, Samsung says that My Voice can help people with speech impairments or disabilities by allowing them to communicate more easily using their own voices rather than relying on text-to-speech software or other solutions.

To use My Voice, users first need to record themselves speaking several sentences in order for Bixby’s AI system to learn how they speak and create a personalized model of their voice. Once this process is complete, users can set up My Voice so that whenever they receive an incoming call, Bixby will automatically detect who is calling and play back the appropriate recording in response – either saying hello or asking who’s calling depending on what was recorded earlier by the user.

In addition, Samsung has also included some additional features such as being able to customize greetings based on different contacts and setting up specific responses depending on whether you are available or not at any given time – all without having to manually change settings each time you receive a call from someone different.

Overall, this new feature from Samsung looks like it could be very useful both in terms of convenience and security while also providing people with speech impairments greater access when communicating over the phone thanks to its ability generate personalized versions of their voices quickly and accurately using AI technology. We look forward seeing how well this works once it becomes available later this year!

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