Workera Doubles Down on AI-Powered Upskilling with $23.5M Investment - Credit: TechCrunch

Workera Doubles Down on AI-Powered Upskilling with $23.5M Investment

Upskilling Platform Workera Raises $23.5M to Double Down on its AI Tech

The upskilling platform, Workera, has recently raised a whopping $23.5 million in Series A funding to double down on its artificial intelligence (AI) technology and expand its reach across the globe. The round was led by venture capital firm Sequoia Capital India with participation from existing investors including Lightspeed Venture Partners and Y Combinator.

Workera is an online learning platform that helps professionals gain new skills through personalized learning paths tailored to their needs and goals. It uses AI-driven algorithms to create custom curriculums for each user based on their current skill level, job role, industry experience, and career aspirations. This allows users to quickly identify areas of improvement or potential opportunities for growth within their field of expertise while also helping them stay ahead of the curve when it comes to emerging technologies like machine learning or blockchain development.

In addition to providing personalized courses and content recommendations, Workera also offers access to a global network of mentors who can provide guidance throughout the upskilling process as well as connect learners with relevant job opportunities once they’ve completed their training program. The company currently serves over 100K users in more than 150 countries around the world – making it one of the most comprehensive platforms available for professional development today.

With this latest injection of funds from Sequoia Capital India, Workera plans on further developing its AI capabilities so that it can better understand user preferences and deliver even more targeted course recommendations in order to maximize learner engagement levels over time. Additionally, they plan on expanding into new markets such as Latin America where there is still a large untapped pool of potential customers looking for ways to upgrade their skillsets without having access traditional educational institutions or resources typically found in developed countries like Europe or North America .

In terms of product offerings , Workera will be introducing several new features designed specifically for enterprise clients such as customized corporate training programs , analytics dashboards , automated onboarding processes , etc . These tools are intended not only help businesses improve employee retention rates but also ensure that all employees have access necessary resources needed develop professionally regardless if they work remotely or at physical office locations .

As part of this investment round , Sequoia Capital India partner Shailesh Lakhani will join board directors at Workera . When asked about his decision invest he said “We believe that companies need build strong teams capable adapting rapidly changing business environment which requires continuous upskilling & reskilling efforts ” He went onto add “Workeras mission democratize education & make quality skilling accessible everyone resonates deeply us & we are excited back team accelerate progress towards achieving this goal .”

Overall , these recent developments demonstrate how serious both investors & founders are taking issue upskilling workforce globally . By leveraging powerful combination data science & AI technology along with human mentorship support services offered by platform itself – companies now have unprecedented opportunity equip themselves with talent required succeed future economy no matter what shape takes next few years .

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