Power of AI Highlighted at Check Point's Cybersecurity Event - Credit: TechRepublic

Power of AI Highlighted at Check Point’s Cybersecurity Event

Check Point’s annual cybersecurity event spotlights AI

At Check Point’s annual Cyber Security Summit, the focus was on artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential to revolutionize the way organizations protect their networks. The summit, which took place in Las Vegas last week, featured a variety of speakers from across the industry who discussed how AI can be used to detect and respond to cyber threats more quickly and effectively than ever before.

The keynote address was delivered by Gil Shwed, founder and CEO of Check Point Software Technologies Ltd., who highlighted the importance of leveraging AI for security purposes. He noted that while traditional security solutions are still important, they cannot keep up with today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape. As such, he argued that it is essential for organizations to embrace new technologies like AI if they want to stay ahead of attackers.

Shwed also emphasized that while AI can help improve an organization’s security posture, it must be used responsibly in order to ensure privacy and data protection remain intact. To this end, he outlined several best practices for using AI safely including: ensuring transparency around how decisions are made; implementing robust governance structures; monitoring algorithms regularly; and providing training opportunities so employees understand how these systems work.

In addition to Shwed’s keynote address there were a number of other sessions throughout the day focused on different aspects of cybersecurity related topics such as cloud computing security strategies; identity management solutions; mobile device management tools; secure coding techniques; incident response plans; malware detection methods; risk assessment frameworks etc.. Attendees had plenty of opportunities throughout the day to network with peers from various industries as well as learn about cutting-edge technology solutions from vendors exhibiting at the event.

Overall it was clear that attendees left feeling energized about incorporating advanced technologies like artificial intelligence into their existing cybersecurity programs in order to better protect their networks against malicious actors. With more organizations recognizing both the need for increased levels of protection as well as understanding what steps need taken in order achieve this goal – we should expect continued growth within this space over time!

At Check Point’s annual Cyber Security Summit held last week in Las Vegas NV , experts gathered together from all corners of information technology (IT) industry came together under one roof . The main topic discussed during this summit was Artificial Intelligence (AI) – its potential use cases & applications when it comes down protecting corporate networks & IT infrastructure . During his keynote speech , Gil Shwed – Founder & CEO at Checkpoint Software Technologies Ltd spoke about importance leveraging Artificial Intelligence when it comes down securing corporate networks . He mentioned traditional approaches towards securing IT infrastructures have become obsolete due lack rapid evolution cyber threats nowadays . Therefore , embracing newer technologies like Artificial Intelligence has become necessity if companies wish stay ahead malicious actors trying breach their systems .

Gil further stressed upon fact responsible usage Artificial Intelligence is key factor achieving desired results without compromising user privacy or data integrity . In light same , he provided some best practices organisations should follow when deploying AIs : Transparency regarding decision making process ; Robust Governance Structures ; Regular Algorithm Monitoring ; Training Employees understand working AIs etc .. Apart Keynote Speech by Mr Shwed , numerous other sessions were conducted during course day covering wide range topics related Cybersecurity domain such Cloud Computing Security Strategies ; Identity Management Solutions ; Mobile Device Management Tools ; Secure Coding Techniques ; Incident Response Plans ; Malware Detection Methods Risk Assessment Frameworks etc .. All participants had ample opportunity network amongst each other discuss latest trends emerging tech products showcased exhibitors present venue ..

It evident majority people attending summit went back home feeling highly motivated incorporate advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence into existing Cybersecurity Programs thereby enhancing overall level protection offered against external attacks ! With growing awareness among organisations regarding need higher levels protection along with knowledge required take necessary steps achieve same – we sure witness steady rise demand services falling under umbrella term ‘Cybersecurity’ future !

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