"Texas A&M Expert Asserts AI Won't Replace Lawyers Anytime Soon" - Credit: Texas A&M University

Texas A&M Expert Asserts AI Won’t Replace Lawyers Anytime Soon

The debate over whether artificial intelligence (AI) will put lawyers out of work has been raging for years. But according to a Texas A&M University expert, it’s unlikely that AI will replace lawyers anytime soon.

Dr. Richard Susskind, an internationally renowned author and speaker on the future of legal services, recently spoke at Texas A&M about how technology is transforming the legal profession. He believes that while AI can help lawyers become more efficient in their practice, it won’t be replacing them any time soon.

According to Dr. Susskind, there are three main reasons why AI won’t be putting lawyers out of work: First, he says that many tasks performed by lawyers require judgment and discretion which cannot be replaced by machines; second, he argues that clients still prefer human interaction when dealing with complex legal matters; and thirdly, he points out that even if some aspects of law could be automated using AI technology – such as document review or contract analysis – this would not necessarily lead to fewer jobs for attorneys since other areas may open up as a result of automation (e.g., advising on data privacy issues).

In addition to these arguments against the displacement of attorneys by AI technology, Dr. Susskind also discussed how new technologies can actually create opportunities for lawyers rather than take away from them: For example, he suggested that online dispute resolution platforms could provide access to justice for those who might otherwise have difficulty affording traditional legal services; or alternatively they could enable firms to offer lower-cost alternatives without sacrificing quality service delivery due to increased efficiency through automation tools like machine learning algorithms or natural language processing systems.

Ultimately though Dr. Susskind concluded his talk with a reminder that no matter what technological advances come our way in the future – whether it’s related to artificial intelligence or something else entirely – one thing remains certain: Lawyers will always remain essential in providing advice and guidance on complex matters where human judgement is required because “the law isn’t just about facts but also values.”

Overall then it seems clear from Dr Richard Susskind’s recent lecture at Texas A&M University – despite all the hype surrounding Artificial Intelligence – we shouldn’t expect robots taking over lawyer’s jobs anytime soon! While there are certainly ways in which new technologies can improve efficiency within the field – such as automating document reviews or contract analyses – ultimately these advancements should only serve as an aid rather than replacement for skilled professionals whose expertise lies in making decisions based upon both fact and value judgements alike!

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