"Astoria Welcomes Queens' First AI-Powered Parking Garage" - Credit: / The Astoria Post

Astoria Welcomes Queens’ First AI-Powered Parking Garage


Astoria is now home to the first-ever Artificial Intelligence (AI) parking garage in Queens. This new technology is designed to make parking easier and more efficient for drivers, while also reducing traffic congestion in the area.

The AI parking garage was created by a company called ParkX, which specializes in automated solutions for urban areas. The system uses sensors and cameras to detect when cars enter or leave the lot, as well as how many spots are available at any given time. It then sends this information to an app that drivers can use to find open spaces quickly and easily.

In addition to making it easier for drivers to find a spot, the AI system also helps reduce traffic congestion around Astoria by providing real-time data on where people are parked and how many spots are available at any given time. This allows drivers who may be looking for a space nearby but don’t want to drive around aimlessly searching for one can instead look up what’s available before they even get into their car.

The AI system has been tested extensively over the past year with great success, leading ParkX CEO David Krantzberg saying “We believe our technology will revolutionize urban mobility by helping cities manage their limited resources more efficiently.” He went on further adding “This is just one example of how we’re using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms combined with computer vision technologies like facial recognition and object detection capabilities.”

Not only does this new technology help reduce traffic congestion but it also provides an added layer of security since all vehicles entering or leaving the lot must be registered with ParkX beforehand so that they can be identified if necessary. Furthermore, each vehicle’s license plate number is stored securely within its database so that law enforcement officials have access should there ever be an issue related to theft or vandalism within the lot itself.

The opening of this first-of-its kind AI parking garage marks yet another step forward towards creating smarter cities through innovative technological solutions such as these ones provided by ParkX . With more companies investing in similar projects across various industries , it won’t be long until we see other major advancements being made throughout Queens -and beyond!

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