"Generative AI: How Local Startups are Making a Splash" - Credit: The Boston Globe

Generative AI: How Local Startups are Making a Splash

Generative AI is a rapidly growing field of artificial intelligence that has been gaining traction in the business world. It uses machine learning algorithms to generate new data from existing data sets, allowing businesses to create unique products and services without having to start from scratch. Local startups are now diving into this technology, taking advantage of its potential for innovation and growth.

Boston-based startup DeeplyAI is one such company that has embraced generative AI as part of their core mission. Founded by two MIT graduates, DeeplyAI specializes in creating custom deep learning models for clients across industries ranging from healthcare to finance. The company’s goal is to help organizations leverage the power of generative AI so they can quickly develop innovative solutions tailored specifically for their needs.

DeeplyAI’s co-founder and CEO, David Kohnenberger, believes that generative AI will revolutionize how businesses operate: “We believe that with our platform we can enable companies to move faster than ever before when it comes to developing new products or services… Generative AI allows us to take existing datasets and use them as building blocks for something entirely new – something no one else has seen before.”

The team at DeeplyAI isn’t alone in recognizing the potential of generative AI; other local startups have also jumped on board with similar initiatives. Boston-based startup GenoLogics offers an automated system designed specifically for generating personalized insights based on customer data using natural language processing (NLP) techniques combined with machine learning algorithms. Meanwhile, Cambridge-based startup NodalMind provides a suite of tools designed specifically for automating complex tasks like image recognition and text analysis using deep neural networks (DNN).

These local startups are just scratching the surface when it comes to what’s possible with generative AI; there are countless more applications yet untapped by these companies or others like them around the world. As more organizations begin leveraging this technology, we’ll likely see even greater advancements made in areas such as predictive analytics, autonomous vehicles, medical diagnostics and beyond – all thanks in part due credit goes out these pioneering local startups who took a chance on this emerging technology early on!

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