Commonwealth and Intel launch AI learning platform for public sector leaders - Credit: The Commonwealth

Commonwealth and Intel launch AI learning platform for public sector leaders

The Commonwealth and Intel have joined forces to launch a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) learning platform for public sector leaders. This innovative platform is designed to help government officials, civil servants, and other public sector professionals gain the skills they need to effectively use AI in their work.

The platform will provide access to resources such as online courses, tutorials, webinars, and more that are tailored specifically for those working in the public sector. It will also offer guidance on how best to implement AI solutions into existing processes and systems. The goal of this initiative is not only to equip public sector workers with the necessary knowledge but also create an environment where they can collaborate with each other on ideas related to AI applications.

This project was created out of a shared commitment between Intel and The Commonwealth towards advancing digital transformation across all sectors of society. By providing access to these tools, both organizations hope that it will enable governments around the world to better leverage technology for social good while driving economic growth at the same time.

Intel’s Chief Technology Officer Dr Ann Bounford said: “We believe that by equipping people with the right skillset we can empower them with greater opportunities – whether it be through education or employment – so they can make meaningful contributions within their communities.” She added: “Our collaboration with The Commonwealth provides us with an opportunity not just to share our expertise but also learn from others about how best we can support digital transformation initiatives globally.”

Meanwhile Secretary-General Patricia Scotland commented: “At The Commonwealth we are committed towards creating a fairer future for everyone regardless of background or geography; one which harnesses technology responsibly so no one is left behind”. She continued: “By joining forces with Intel we are able bring together our collective experience in order drive positive change through innovation”.

The two organisations plan on continuing their partnership over the coming months by launching additional initiatives aimed at helping governments around the world become more digitally enabled while ensuring citizens benefit from its application too.

In conclusion, this joint venture between Intel and The Commonwealth marks an important step forward in terms of enabling governments worldwide embrace digital technologies responsibly while empowering citizens everywhere along their journey towards achieving sustainable development goals set forth by United Nations 2030 Agenda For Sustainable Development . |Commonwealth and Intel launch AI learning platform for public sector leaders|Technology|The Commonwealth

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