Coke Announces 'Create Real Magic' AI Art Contest Powered by GPT-4 and Dall-E - Credit: The Drum

Coke Announces ‘Create Real Magic’ AI Art Contest Powered by GPT-4 and Dall-E

Coca-Cola has launched a new AI art contest called ‘Create Real Magic’, which uses GPT-4 and DALL·E to create unique pieces of artwork. The competition is open to anyone aged 18 or over who wants to explore the possibilities of artificial intelligence (AI) in creating art.

The Create Real Magic contest invites participants to use GPT-4 and DALL·E, two powerful AI tools developed by OpenAI, an artificial intelligence research lab based in San Francisco. These tools are capable of generating images from text descriptions as well as understanding natural language commands. Participants will be asked to submit their own creative prompts that can then be used by the AI tools to generate unique works of art.

The winning entries will be judged on creativity, originality and how well they capture the spirit of Coca-Cola’s ‘Open Happiness’ campaign slogan. The grand prize winner will receive $10,000 USD plus a trip for two people with all expenses paid for four days at one of Coca-Cola’s global headquarters locations around the world. Additionally, five runner up prizes worth $2,500 each will also be awarded along with 10 honorable mentions worth $1,000 each.

This isn’t the first time Coca-Cola has explored using AI technology in its marketing campaigns; last year it ran an interactive digital experience called ‘Coke Playground’, which allowed users to interact with virtual characters powered by machine learning algorithms created by IBM Watson Studio Cloud Platforms team members at Coke HQ Atlanta office location . This latest initiative marks another step forward into exploring how AI can help bring brands closer together with consumers through innovative experiences like this one.

Coca Cola’s latest venture into Artificial Intelligence (AI) is sure to make waves! Their new ‘Create Real Magic’ contest encourages participants aged 18+ years old from all over the world get creative and explore what these powerful technologies have got offer when it comes making art! Using OpenAI’s GPT-4 & DALL·E – two cutting edge AIs – contestants are invited submit their own creative prompts so that these machines can generate unique works of art from them!

Entries will be judged on creativity & originality while capturing Coke’s signature “Open Happiness” campaign slogan -the Grand Prize winner receiving a whopping US$10k plus an all expense paid 4 day trip for 2 people at any one Coke Global Headquarters location worldwide! 5 Runner Up Prizes ($2k5 each) & 10 Honorable Mentions ($1k each) are also up grabs too!

It looks like this isn’t first time Coke has experimented with such tech either; Last year they ran interactive digital experience dubbed ‘Coke Playground’ where users could interact virtual characters powered machine learning algorithms created IBM Watson Studio Cloud Platform team members located at Atlanta Office Location ! This exciting project just goes show how far companies willing go engage customers more closely via innovative experiences such this one – something we should definitely keep eye out for future developments too !

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