60% of Indian Men to Receive AI Assistance for Writing Love Letters on Valentine's Day - Credit: The Economic Times

60% of Indian Men to Receive AI Assistance for Writing Love Letters on Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day approaches, Indian men are turning to chatbots for help in writing love letters. Over 60 percent of them plan to take the assistance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to express their feelings this year.

The AI-based chatbot, ChatGPT, is helping people write heartfelt messages that they can share with their loved ones on February 14th. The platform has been designed by a team of engineers and linguists from India and the US who have worked together to create an intuitive system that understands human language and emotions.

ChatGPT works by asking users questions about what they want to say in their letter. It then uses natural language processing algorithms to generate a personalized message based on the answers provided by the user. The generated text is then edited manually before being sent out as a final draft for review by its creator.

The idea behind ChatGPT was born out of frustration over how difficult it can be for some people to express themselves through words alone when it comes time for expressing love or appreciation towards someone special in our lives. With this platform, users don’t need any prior knowledge or experience in writing romantic letters; all they need is access to internet and basic typing skills!

This Valentine’s Day season has seen an increase in demand for such services due largely because many couples are unable or unwilling to meet up due to Covid-19 restrictions still being enforced across much of India at present times. As such, sending thoughtful messages via digital platforms like WhatsApp or email has become increasingly popular among those looking for ways of staying connected while apart from one another during these trying times we live in today!

In addition, many single individuals also find comfort in using ChatGPT’s services as it helps them articulate their feelings without feeling embarrassed about doing so publicly – something which may not always be possible if done face-to-face with another person! This makes it easier than ever before for anyone wanting send meaningful messages without having worry too much about how others might perceive them afterwards either positively or negatively depending upon context/situation at hand hereof course…

Overall, ChatGPT provides an innovative way of expressing oneself through words which would otherwise be hard put into action given current circumstances surrounding us today – making sure everyone gets chance celebrate Valentine’s Day regardless where they stand relationship wise right now!

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The Economic Times




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