"Opera Joins AI Battle with ChatGPT Integration in Search Engine, Following Google and Microsoft" - Credit: The Economic Times

Opera Joins AI Battle with ChatGPT Integration in Search Engine, Following Google and Microsoft

Opera, the web browser and internet suite provider, has recently joined the Artificial Intelligence (AI) battle. The company is incorporating ChatGPT into its search engine in order to provide users with a more personalized experience.

ChatGPT is an AI-based technology developed by GPT-3 OpenAI that enables natural language processing and understanding of user queries. It can be used to generate answers to questions posed by users in plain English or other languages. This technology will allow Opera’s search engine to better understand what people are looking for when they type their query into the search bar.

The incorporation of ChatGPT into Opera’s search engine marks a major milestone for the company as it looks to compete with tech giants such as Google and Microsoft who have been investing heavily in AI technologies over recent years. With this move, Opera hopes to offer its users a more intuitive and efficient way of searching online content while also providing them with relevant results tailored specifically towards their needs.

In addition, this new feature could help improve user engagement on Opera’s platform as well as increase revenue from advertising opportunities due to increased traffic from satisfied customers who find what they are looking for quickly and easily through the use of ChatGPT powered searches. Furthermore, it may even open up new possibilities for businesses that rely on online presence such as ecommerce stores or travel websites which could benefit greatly from improved customer service provided by this advanced AI technology integrated within their website’s search function.

This latest development comes at an exciting time for both consumers and businesses alike; not only does it demonstrate how far artificial intelligence has come but also shows how companies like Opera are using these advancements in order to stay ahead of competition while still providing customers with an enjoyable experience when browsing online content or shopping around for products/services they need or want .

Overall, integrating ChatGPT into its search engine is yet another step forward taken by Opera towards becoming one of the leading providers of web browsers worldwide – offering customers a smarter way of finding information without compromising on quality or speed whilst simultaneously giving businesses access to powerful tools that can help them reach out further than ever before thanks to improved customer service capabilities enabled by AI technologies like ChatGPT .

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