China Restricts Access to 'Political Propaganda' on ChatGPT - Credit: The Guardian

China Restricts Access to ‘Political Propaganda’ on ChatGPT

China has announced a clampdown on the use of ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence-powered chatbot that was used to spread propaganda.

The Chinese government said it had taken action against the company behind ChatGPT for “spreading false information and maliciously manipulating public opinion”. It did not provide details about what measures were taken or how many people were affected by the move.

ChatGPT is a popular AI-driven chatbot developed by Chinese tech giant Tencent in 2018. The bot uses natural language processing technology to generate conversations with users based on their input, allowing them to have conversations with virtual characters as if they were talking to real people.

The technology has been widely used in China for entertainment purposes such as playing games and chatting with friends, but it has also been adopted by some companies and organizations for marketing purposes, including spreading political messages from the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC).

In recent months, there have been reports of ChatGPT being used to spread pro-government propaganda online through social media platforms like Weibo and WeChat. This prompted concerns among some observers that the technology could be abused by those seeking to manipulate public opinion or influence elections in China.

In response to these concerns, the Chinese government said it had launched an investigation into ChatGPT’s activities and found evidence that its services had indeed been misused for political ends. As a result, it took action against Tencent and other companies involved in developing or using ChatGPT’s services “in accordance with relevant laws”.

It is unclear exactly what form this action took but according to reports from state media outlets such as Xinhua News Agency, Tencent was ordered to suspend all related services while further investigations are carried out into its activities. Other companies involved may also face similar sanctions depending on their level of involvement in propagating false information via ChatGPT’s platform.

This latest move comes amid increasing scrutiny over how artificial intelligence technologies are being used in China both domestically and abroad – particularly when it comes to censorship or influencing public opinion through automated means such as bots or algorithms designed specifically for this purpose..

As part of its efforts towards greater transparency regarding AI usage within its borders, Beijing recently released new regulations requiring firms operating AI systems within China’s borders must register them with authorities before they can be deployed commercially – something which will likely help prevent similar incidents involving misuse of AI technologies occurring again in future..

Overall then while this latest clampdown on ChatGpt may seem harsh at first glance given its widespread popularity amongst consumers across China – ultimately though it serves as yet another reminder that governments around world need remain vigilant when regulating emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence so ensure they do not become tools manipulation rather than progress .

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