Grimes invites people to use her voice in AI songs - Credit: The Guardian

Grimes invites people to use her voice in AI songs

Musician Grimes has recently announced a new project that will allow people to use her voice in AI-generated songs. The Canadian singer, whose real name is Claire Boucher, made the announcement on Twitter and Instagram last week. She said she had been working with an artificial intelligence (AI) company called OpenAI to create a “musical avatar” of herself.

The idea behind the project is that anyone can access her musical avatar and use it to generate their own unique music using her voice as part of the composition. According to Grimes, this could be used for anything from creating original compositions or remixing existing tracks. She also noted that all generated works would remain copyright free so they can be shared without fear of legal repercussions.

Grimes explained that she was inspired by other artists who have experimented with AI technology such as Björk and Imogen Heap, both of whom have released albums featuring computer-generated sounds and vocals created using machine learning algorithms. She hopes her project will help further explore how humans interact with machines when it comes to making music together.

In addition to providing access to her musical avatar, Grimes has also set up a website where users can upload their own recordings which will then be analyzed by OpenAI’s algorithms before being combined with hers into a single track or song. This means anyone who wants to collaborate musically with Grimes now has the opportunity do so without ever having met in person or even spoken directly over the phone!

Grimes’ latest venture marks yet another example of how musicians are embracing AI technology in order to create something truly unique and innovative within their field – something which may well become more commonplace in years ahead as our understanding of these technologies continues grow exponentially each day!

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