Thursday Quiz: Explore AI in Exams, a Wandering Walrus, and Has a Cat Been to Space? - Credit: The Guardian

Thursday Quiz: Explore AI in Exams, a Wandering Walrus, and Has a Cat Been to Space?

Welcome to the Thursday Quiz! Today, we’re testing your knowledge on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in exams, a wandering walrus and whether or not a cat has been to space. Let’s get started!

First up is AI in exams. In recent years, there has been an increase in the use of AI technology for grading student essays and other written work. This technology uses algorithms to analyze text and assign scores based on certain criteria such as grammar, spelling, structure and content. While this can be helpful for teachers who have large classes with many assignments to grade quickly, some experts worry that it could lead to unfair results if students are judged solely by their writing style rather than their actual understanding of the material being tested. What do you think? Is using AI in exams beneficial or detrimental?

Next up is our wandering walrus question: A walrus was recently spotted swimming off the coast of Scotland – hundreds of miles away from its usual habitat near Greenland! How did it end up so far away from home? Well, scientists believe that climate change may have caused melting ice sheets which allowed the walrus to travel further south than normal. They also suggest that increased shipping traffic may have disrupted its migration patterns leading it astray into unfamiliar waters.

Finally we come to our last question: Has a cat ever been sent into space? The answer is yes! In 1963 France launched Félicette – a female black-and-white short-haired domestic cat – into outer space aboard Véronique AG1 rocket as part of an experiment studying weightlessness effects on animals during flight. She became one of only two cats ever sent into orbit around Earth (the other being Felicette’s male counterpart Felix). After her successful mission she returned safely back down to Earth where she lived out her days at Paris’ Museum de la Musique until her death in 1967 at age 14 – making her one of the oldest surviving cats ever launched into space!

So how did you do on today’s quiz? We hope you enjoyed learning about AI in exams, our wandering walrus and Félicette – the first feline astronaut! As always thank you for taking part and don’t forget tune back next week when we’ll be asking questions about robots replacing humans at work; why pandas are endangered; and what happened when two ships collided off Newfoundland over 200 years ago…

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