Hollywood's Anxiety Over Artificial Intelligence Is Showing - Credit: The Hollywood Reporter

Hollywood’s Anxiety Over Artificial Intelligence Is Showing

The entertainment industry is no stranger to the idea of artificial intelligence (AI). From voice-activated assistants to automated editing tools, AI has become a major part of Hollywood’s production process. But now, as AI technology continues to evolve and expand its reach into new areas, some in the industry are beginning to worry about how it might affect their livelihoods.

This anxiety was on full display recently when four of Hollywood’s most powerful guilds – SAG-AFTRA, WGA West and East, DGA and IATSE – issued a joint statement expressing their concerns over “the potential for AI chatbot technology…to replace human writers in the entertainment industry.” The guilds argued that such technology could be used by studios or other employers “to avoid paying writers for their work.”

The statement went on to say that while they recognize the potential benefits of using AI chatbots in certain contexts — such as providing customer service support — they believe that any use of this technology should be done with caution and respect for existing labor laws and collective bargaining agreements. They also urged companies not to use these technologies without first consulting with them so they can ensure that all workers are properly compensated for their work.

In response to this statement from the guilds, many tech companies have come out in defense of using AI chatbot technology responsibly. For example, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said he believes there is an opportunity here for both sides: “We think there’s tremendous value if we do it right—for creators who want more control over how their works are used; but also for consumers who want access at scale.” He added that Google will continue working closely with content creators “so everyone gets a fair share.”

Meanwhile, Microsoft President Brad Smith echoed similar sentiments during his keynote address at CES 2020: “Technology can help us create better jobs rather than fewer jobs,” he said. “It can help us create higher wages instead of lower wages.” He then went on to explain how Microsoft plans on doing just that through its Azure cloud platform which provides developers with tools like machine learning services and natural language processing capabilities which enable them build applications faster than ever before while still respecting copyright laws around intellectual property rights .

Ultimately though it remains unclear what impact these technologies will have on Hollywood’s workforce going forward but one thing is certain: As long as companies remain mindful about protecting worker rights while leveraging new technologies like AI chatbots , then everyone stands benefit from this shift towards automation . |Hollywood’s Anxiety Over Artificial Intelligence Is Showing|Technology|The Hollywood Reporter

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