IBM Has Been Operating AI Supercomputer Since May - Credit: The Register

IBM Has Been Operating AI Supercomputer Since May

IBM has unveiled Vela, a new cloud-native platform designed to help organizations build and manage distributed applications. The platform is built on open source technologies such as Kubernetes, Istio, and Knative. It also includes IBM Cloud Pak for Applications and IBM Cloud Private for Data.

Vela is the latest addition to IBM’s portfolio of cloud-native solutions that are designed to help businesses modernize their IT infrastructure and move away from traditional monolithic architectures. With Vela, developers can quickly create distributed applications using microservices architecture without having to worry about managing underlying infrastructure or dealing with complex configurations.

The platform provides an integrated development environment (IDE) that allows developers to easily create containerized microservices in any language they choose – including Java, NodeJS, Python, GoLang etc., while leveraging existing DevOps tools like Jenkins or GitHub Actions for continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD). Additionally, it comes with pre-built templates so developers don’t have to start from scratch when building their applications.

In addition to providing a comprehensive set of development tools for creating distributed apps quickly and efficiently, Vela also offers powerful management capabilities that allow users to monitor application performance in real time across multiple environments – including public clouds like AWS or Azure as well as private clouds running on OpenShift or VMware vSphere. This makes it easier than ever before for organizations to ensure their applications are always running optimally regardless of where they’re deployed.

Moreover, the platform supports both hybrid cloud deployments as well as multi-cloud deployments so users can take advantage of the best features offered by each provider without having to worry about compatibility issues between different platforms or services. This helps reduce complexity while still allowing organizations access all the benefits associated with deploying apps across multiple providers at once – such as increased scalability and cost savings due lower costs associated with operating in multiple environments simultaneously versus just one single provider’s offering alone..

Finally ,Vela also comes equipped with advanced security features such as role based access control (RBAC), identity federation support via OAuth2 protocol ,and automated compliance checks which make sure your data remains secure no matter where its hosted .This ensures that you can trust your data will remain safe even if its stored offsite .

In short ,IBM’s Vela is a comprehensive solution designed specifically for helping enterprises build ,manage ,and deploy distributed applications more effectively than ever before .It leverages open source technologies along side proprietary ones developed by IBM itself making it easy enough for anyone -from novice developer sall the way up experienced professionals -to get started right away .Its robust feature set combined with its ability handle hybrid /multi cloud deployments make this an ideal choice those looking increase agility while keeping costs down .

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