ChatGPT Creator Warns That AI Could Displace Many Jobs - Credit: The Times of India

ChatGPT Creator Warns That AI Could Displace Many Jobs

Chatbot creator admits AI could kill many jobs

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has been a hot topic in recent years, with experts debating the potential impact it will have on our lives. Now, one of the world’s leading chatbot creators has admitted that AI could lead to job losses in certain sectors.

In an interview with The Times of India, ChatGPT founder and CEO Prashant Sharma said that while he believes AI can be used for good, it also poses a threat to some industries. He noted that automation is already having an effect on certain professions such as customer service representatives and call center agents. “AI-driven bots are increasingly taking over these roles and this trend is likely to continue in the future,” he said.

Sharma went on to say that while there may be job losses due to automation, there will also be new opportunities created by AI technology. He pointed out that companies are now looking for people who understand how machines work and can help them develop better systems for their businesses. “We need more engineers who specialize in machine learning or natural language processing so they can create smarter bots which can interact with customers more effectively,” he explained.

Sharma added that governments should take steps to ensure workers affected by automation don’t suffer too much financially from job losses caused by AI technology. He suggested providing retraining programs or financial assistance so those affected can transition into other fields where their skills might still be useful.

At the same time, Sharma emphasized the importance of using AI responsibly and ethically if we want its full potential to be realized without causing harm or disruption along the way: “It’s important not just for us but also for society at large.” He concluded his remarks by saying: “We must use this powerful tool carefully and thoughtfully.”

As Artificial Intelligence continues its rapid advancement across all areas of life – from healthcare services through automated customer support – it’s becoming increasingly clear that we need careful consideration when deploying these technologies if we’re going to make sure everyone benefits from them equally without any negative consequences arising as a result of their implementation . This means ensuring adequate training is provided both before deployment and afterwards; making sure those whose jobs may become obsolete due to advances in automation receive appropriate compensation; investing heavily into research & development so as not only keep up with technological advancements but stay ahead of them; and finally being mindful about ethical considerations when designing algorithms & software applications powered by artificial intelligence . All these measures combined will go a long way towards helping us reap maximum benefit from this incredible technology whilst minimizing any potential downsides associated with its usage .

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