Grimes Says Anyone Can Use Her Voice For AI-Generated Songs - Credit: The Verge

Grimes Says Anyone Can Use Her Voice For AI-Generated Songs

Musician Grimes has announced a new way for people to use her voice in AI-generated songs. The artist is allowing anyone to access her vocal recordings and use them as part of their own music, with the caveat that they must share any profits made from the song with her. This move marks an important step forward in copyright law and intellectual property rights, as it allows artists to protect their work while still giving fans access to create something new.

Grimes has been exploring ways to make sure she can benefit from the usage of her voice recordings since 2019 when she first began experimenting with artificial intelligence (AI). She wanted a way for people who used her vocals in their songs could be held accountable if they profited off of it without compensating her. In order to do this, she created a system where users would have to pay royalties before using any of her material.

The musician recently took things one step further by announcing that anyone can now use snippets of her voice recordings free-of-charge, but only if they agree not to profit off them directly or indirectly without sharing those profits with Grimes herself. This means that even though someone may not be selling the song itself, if there are advertisements playing alongside it on YouTube or other streaming services then those proceeds will need to go back into Grimes’ pocket too.

This type of agreement is becoming increasingly common among musicians who want more control over how their work is used and shared online. It also provides an interesting solution for copyright issues surrounding AI generated music which often involves taking pieces from multiple sources and combining them together into something entirely new –– making it difficult for traditional copyright laws alone protect creators’ interests adequately enough . By having everyone involved sign contracts agreeing on terms beforehand, these types of collaborations become much easier and fairer for all parties involved.

Grimes’ decision shows us just how powerful technology can be when used correctly; allowing artists like herself greater control over how their art is shared while still giving fans opportunities explore creativity through remixes and mashups alike –– ultimately creating a win-win situation for both sides!

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