Microsoft reportedly orders AI chatbot rivals to stop using Bing’s search data - Credit: The Verge

Microsoft reportedly orders AI chatbot rivals to stop using Bing’s search data

Microsoft has reportedly ordered its AI chatbot rivals to stop using Bing’s search data, according to a new report from The Verge. This move is seen as an attempt by the tech giant to protect its own products and services in the increasingly competitive market for artificial intelligence-based virtual assistants.

The news comes after Microsoft launched its own chatbot, called Zo, last year. Zo was designed to compete with other popular bots such as Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa. It is believed that Microsoft wanted to ensure that it had exclusive access to Bing’s search index so that it could give Zo an edge over its competitors.

In order for a chatbot like Zo or any of its rivals to be effective, they need access to vast amounts of data which can be used for natural language processing (NLP). By having exclusive access to Bing’s search index, Microsoft would have been able provide this data more easily than if it had shared the information with other companies.

However, this decision has not gone down well with some of Microsoft’s competitors who feel that they are being unfairly excluded from accessing important resources needed for their own products and services. They argue that restricting access in this way gives Microsoft an unfair advantage in the market place and puts them at a disadvantage when competing against each other on price or features offered by their respective bots.

It remains unclear whether or not Microsoft will continue with this policy going forward but one thing is certain: competition between AI-powered virtual assistants is only set to increase in the coming years as more companies enter into the fray looking for ways of gaining an edge over their rivals through innovative technology solutions and partnerships with leading providers such as Google and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

This latest development highlights just how serious companies are taking artificial intelligence-based virtual assistant technologies – something which many believe will become increasingly important in our lives moving forward as we rely more heavily on these types of systems for everyday tasks like shopping online or booking travel tickets etc..

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