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Microsoft Stock: Paving the Way in the Big Tech AI Competition

Microsoft (MSFT) is one of the leading players in the big tech Artificial Intelligence (AI) race. The company has been investing heavily in AI research and development, and its stock price has been steadily rising as a result.

Microsoft’s commitment to AI began back in 2016 when it announced plans to invest $1 billion into its AI and Research Group over five years. Since then, Microsoft has continued to make significant investments in both hardware and software related to AI technology. This includes acquisitions such as LinkedIn, GitHub, Nuance Communications Inc., Semantic Machines Inc., Bonsai Inc., Lobe Inc., OpenAI LP, XOXCO Inc., Maluuba Technologies Corp., SwiftKey Ltd., among others.

The company also launched an open-source deep learning platform called Cognitive Toolkit which enables developers to create their own models for machine learning applications. Additionally, Microsoft recently unveiled Project Brainwave – a cloud-based system that uses field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) for real-time artificial intelligence processing at scale with low latency.

In addition to these investments in hardware and software solutions for AI technology, Microsoft is also working on developing new products that leverage this technology such as Azure Machine Learning Studio which allows users to build custom machine learning models without needing any coding experience or expertise; Cortana Analytics Suite which provides data analysis tools; HoloLens augmented reality headset; Skype Translator which translates conversations between two people speaking different languages; Xbox Adaptive Controller designed specifically for gamers with disabilities; Windows Hello facial recognition feature used by many Windows 10 devices; Office 365 powered by natural language processing algorithms that can understand user intent from text inputted into documents or emails sent through Outlook; Dynamics 365 Customer Insights providing customer segmentation capabilities based on predictive analytics insights gleaned from customer data stored within Dynamics CRM systems etc..

In addition to all these initiatives around developing new products leveraging AI technologies , Microsoft is also actively involved in researching how best use this technology across various industries including healthcare , finance , retail etc . For example , they are currently exploring ways of using computer vision algorithms combined with medical imaging techniques like MRI scans so doctors can better diagnose diseases . They are also looking at using natural language processing algorithms combined with financial market data so investors can get more accurate predictions about future stock prices . Finally , they are investigating how retailers could use image recognition algorithms along with product information databases so customers can quickly find what they need while shopping online .

All these efforts have not gone unnoticed by investors who have seen the value of MSFT shares increase significantly since 2016 when the company first announced its investment plan into Artificial Intelligence research & development . As a result of all these initiatives around building out their portfolio of products leveraging this cutting edge technology coupled with their ongoing R&D efforts , it’s no surprise why analysts believe MSFT will continue being one of the top contenders driving innovation within the big tech space going forward .

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