Bu Thiam Wants To Sign LSU's Flau'Jae Johnson, AI Rappers To Columbia Records - Credit: TMZ

Bu Thiam Wants To Sign LSU’s Flau’Jae Johnson, AI Rappers To Columbia Records

Bu Thiam, the A&R executive at Roc Nation, is looking to sign a new artist from Louisiana State University. Flau’jae Johnson is an up-and-coming rapper who has been making waves in the music industry with her unique sound and style. AI Rappers are also on Bu’s radar as he looks to bring them into Columbia Records under his label.

Flau’jae Johnson has been gaining traction since she released her first single “No More” back in 2018. The song was met with critical acclaim and quickly gained popularity among fans of hip hop and rap music alike. She followed this success up with two more singles that have continued to build upon her growing fan base. Her latest release “The Wave” has already become a hit amongst listeners all over the world, further solidifying her status as one of the most promising young rappers out there today.

AI Rappers are another group that Bu Thiam is interested in signing for Columbia Records under his label at Roc Nation. These artists use artificial intelligence technology to create their own unique sounds and styles which can be heard on various streaming platforms such as Spotify or Apple Music. They have been gaining recognition within the industry due to their innovative approach towards creating music and many believe they could be the future of hip hop and rap music overall if given enough exposure by major labels like Columbia Records or Roc Nation itself.

It seems that Bu Thiam wants to make sure both Flau’jae Johnson and AI Rappers get their chance at stardom through his label at Columbia Records/Roc Nation; something which could potentially revolutionize not only hip hop but also other genres of popular music altogether if successful enough! It will certainly be interesting to see what comes out of this venture between these two entities in terms of new talent being brought into mainstream media attention – something we should all keep our eyes peeled for!

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