Microsoft Reportedly Exploring AI Commands for Minecraft - Credit: Tom's Hardware

Microsoft Reportedly Exploring AI Commands for Minecraft

Microsoft is testing out a new artificial intelligence (AI) system for the popular game Minecraft. The AI, called “Project AIX,” was developed by Microsoft Research and is designed to help players create more complex structures in the game.

The goal of Project AIX is to make it easier for players to build intricate structures in Minecraft without having to manually place each block or item. Instead, the AI will be able to recognize patterns and suggest blocks that would fit into those patterns. This could potentially save time and effort when building large projects such as castles or cities.

In addition, Project AIX can also provide feedback on how well a structure has been built based on certain criteria such as stability or aesthetics. This feedback could be used by players who are looking for ways to improve their builds before showing them off online or submitting them for competitions.

To test out Project AIX, Microsoft has released an early version of the software as part of its “Minecraft Education Edition” program which allows teachers and students access to special features not available in the regular version of Minecraft. Players using this version can try out Project AIX’s capabilities while providing valuable feedback that will help shape future versions of the software before it’s officially released later this year.

Although there have been other attempts at creating AIs for games like Minecraft in the past, none have had quite as much success as Microsoft’s project so far due mainly because they lacked enough data from actual gameplay sessions with real people playing together online – something that only comes with time and experience playing a game like this one over long periods of time . With millions upon millions of hours already logged into Minecraft since its launch back in 2009, Microsoft now has plenty of data points from which they can draw insights about what works best when designing an effective artificial intelligence system specifically tailored towards helping gamers create better buildings faster than ever before!

This isn’t just great news for fans of Minecraft either; if successful, this technology could eventually find its way into other video games too! Imagine being able to quickly construct entire cities within Grand Theft Auto V without having any prior knowledge about architecture? Or perhaps you’d prefer your own personal assistant while playing Civilization VI who helps you decide where best place your armies? All these possibilities become much more realistic thanks to advances made possible through research like Project AIX!

Overall then it looks like we’re entering an exciting new era where Artificial Intelligence systems are becoming increasingly commonplace within our favorite video games – allowing us all greater freedom when it comes expressing ourselves creatively through virtual worlds! We look forward seeing what else Microsoft Research has up their sleeve next…

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