India Joins the US in the Race for Artificial Intelligence

India Joins the US in the Race for Artificial Intelligence

India has recently joined the battle for Artificial Intelligence (AI) supremacy in the world. This move is seen as a major step forward in India’s efforts to become a global leader in AI technology and innovation.

The Indian government has announced that it will be investing heavily into research and development of AI technologies, with an aim to create new opportunities for its citizens and businesses. The government also plans to set up an AI-focused think tank which will focus on developing strategies for using AI to improve public services, reduce poverty, increase economic growth, and promote social justice.

In addition to this investment, the Indian government is also taking steps towards creating a conducive environment for private sector investments into AI technologies. It has already established several initiatives such as ‘Digital India’ which aims at providing digital infrastructure across the country; ‘Make In India’ which focuses on encouraging domestic manufacturing; and ‘Startup India’ which provides incentives for startups working on innovative solutions using emerging technologies like artificial intelligence.

These initiatives are expected to help attract more foreign investments into the country while simultaneously boosting local talent pool by creating jobs related to developing cutting edge products based on artificial intelligence technology. Furthermore, these measures are likely to encourage collaboration between industry players from both within India as well as abroad who can work together towards building better solutions leveraging each other’s strengths in terms of resources or expertise available locally or globally respectively.

The Indian Government is also looking at ways of utilizing existing data sets generated by various departments such as health care records or census data etc., so that they can be used effectively by researchers working on projects related to artificial intelligence applications such as natural language processing (NLP), computer vision (CV), machine learning (ML) etc.. This would enable them access large amounts of information quickly without having any legal issues associated with it thus helping them develop better algorithms faster than ever before possible due their limited access previously only restricted datasets available publicly otherwise through open source platforms like Kaggle etc..

Moreover ,the Government is actively engaging with international partners including countries like USA , Japan , China & Israel among others so that they could collaborate together & share best practices when it comes down implementing Artificial Intelligence .This would not only help build trust between different nations but also ensure that all parties involved benefit from this partnership . For instance , US companies might have access some advanced algorithms developed by Israeli firms while Chinese firms may get insights about how Japanese companies use Machine Learning techniques efficiently . All these collaborations could eventually lead us closer towards achieving our goal of becoming one of top 3 countries when it comes down deploying Artificial Intelligence successfully .

To conclude , we can say that despite being relatively late entrant in race for becoming global leader when it comes down Artificial Intelligence ;India seems determined make most out its current position & take necessary steps required achieve success sooner rather later . With right kind support from both public & private sectors along with active participation international partners ;we believe there no reason why shouldn’t able reach our desired destination soon enough !

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