Panel Discussion Announced: Exploring the Future of Education with Artificial Intelligence - Credit: University of New Mexico

Panel Discussion Announced: Exploring the Future of Education with Artificial Intelligence

The University of New Mexico (UNM) is proud to announce a panel discussion on the future of education with AI teaching in the age of AI. This event will be held virtually on April 22nd and will feature experts from across the country discussing how artificial intelligence (AI) can shape our educational systems.

The panelists include Dr. David Cope, Professor Emeritus at Stanford University; Dr. Michael Littman, Professor of Computer Science at Brown University; and Dr. Mark Guzdial, Regents’ Professor in Computing Education Research at Georgia Tech. These three experts bring decades of experience in their respective fields and are sure to provide an insightful look into this rapidly evolving field.

This event is part of UNM’s ongoing commitment to exploring new technologies that can improve learning outcomes for students around the world. With AI becoming increasingly prevalent in all aspects of life, it’s important that we understand its potential implications for education as well as its ethical considerations when used within classrooms or other learning environments.

At this virtual event, attendees will have the opportunity to hear from each expert about their research related to AI teaching and learn more about how they believe it could impact our current educational system both positively and negatively over time. The panelists will also discuss some practical applications such as using machine learning algorithms for personalized instruction or automated grading systems which could help reduce teacher workloads while still providing quality feedback for students’ work quickly and accurately without human bias influencing results or decisions made by teachers or administrators alike..

In addition to hearing from these esteemed professionals about their research findings, attendees will also have a chance to ask questions during a Q&A session following the presentation portion of this event so everyone has an opportunity to get further clarification on any topics discussed throughout the evening if needed before concluding with closing remarks from each speaker summarizing what was covered during their presentations..

This unique virtual gathering provides an excellent platform for those interested in understanding more about how artificial intelligence may shape our future educational systems so don’t miss out! To register your attendance please visit https://unm-ai-teaching-panel-discussion/register today! We hope you’ll join us online April 22nd as we explore together what lies ahead with AI teaching in the age of AIs!

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