Avengers' Director Joe Russo Predicts AI Could Be Making Movies in 'Two Years': It Will 'Engineer and Change Storytelling' - Credit: Variety

Avengers’ Director Joe Russo Predicts AI Could Be Making Movies in ‘Two Years’: It Will ‘Engineer and Change Storytelling’

Joe Russo, the director of Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame and Infinity War, recently predicted that artificial intelligence (AI) could be making movies within two years. During a recent interview with Variety magazine, he discussed how AI will “engineer and change storytelling” in the near future.
Russo believes that AI is already being used to create content for streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. He also noted that it has been used to generate trailers for films such as Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. However, he believes that AI will soon become more involved in the creative process itself by writing scripts or even directing entire films.
He explained how this technology can help filmmakers make better decisions about their projects by using data-driven insights into what audiences want from their stories. For example, an AI system could analyze audience reactions to certain scenes or characters in order to determine which elements should be included or excluded from a film’s narrative structure.
Russo also pointed out how this technology could potentially revolutionize the way we tell stories on screen by allowing us to explore new ways of presenting information visually through computer generated imagery (CGI). This would allow filmmakers to create unique worlds and experiences without having to rely on physical sets or locations as much as they do now.
In addition, Russo suggested that this technology could eventually lead to interactive movie experiences where viewers are able to choose different paths throughout a story depending on their own preferences and interests at any given moment – something akin to video games but with cinematic visuals instead of pixelated graphics.
Overall, Joe Russo predicts that artificial intelligence will have a major impact on filmmaking over the next few years – one which may completely reshape our understanding of what constitutes good storytelling today! It remains unclear exactly when these changes might take place but it certainly looks like an exciting time ahead for both filmmakers and moviegoers alike! |Avengers’ Director Joe Russo Predicts AI Could Be Making Movies in ‘Two Years’: It Will ‘Engineer and Change Storytelling’|Technology|Variety

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