David Guetta Uses AI to Re-Create Eminem's Voice in a Song - Credit: Variety

David Guetta Uses AI to Re-Create Eminem’s Voice in a Song

David Guetta and Eminem Team Up to Create Music with Artificial Intelligence

Grammy-winning producer David Guetta has teamed up with rap icon Eminem for a groundbreaking project that will use artificial intelligence (AI) to create music. The two artists have joined forces with AI startup CORE, which is developing an AI platform that can generate original musical compositions.

The collaboration between the two superstars marks a major milestone in the development of AI-generated music. It also highlights how technology is transforming the way we make and consume music today.

“I am so excited about this project because it brings together my passion for creating new sounds and technologies,” said Guetta in a statement announcing the partnership. “Working with Eminem on this project was an amazing experience – he pushed me to explore new possibilities and think outside of the box when it comes to making music.”

Eminem added: “This was such an incredible opportunity for me to work alongside someone as talented as David Guetta on something so innovative like using artificial intelligence in our creative process.”

The team at CORE are confident their platform will revolutionize how musicians create songs by allowing them to quickly generate ideas without having to rely solely on traditional methods of composition or production techniques. The company believes its technology could be used by both established artists looking for fresh inspiration, as well as aspiring producers who may not have access to expensive studio equipment or experienced engineers.

Guetta and Eminem’s collaboration is just one example of how AI is being used more widely within the music industry today. In recent years, there has been a surge in startups offering services powered by machine learning algorithms that can help songwriters come up with melodies or suggest chord progressions based on existing tracks they provide as input data points into their systems. Additionally, some companies are now providing automated mastering tools that allow users to instantly polish their recordings before releasing them online or submitting them for distribution through streaming platforms like Spotify or Apple Music.

These advancements demonstrate just how far we’ve come since computers first began generating rudimentary tunes back in 1950s – when Alan Turing famously created his own version of “God Save The Queen” using punch cards! Nowadays, thanks largely due advances made possible through deep learning algorithms, machines are capable of producing complex pieces of artistry comparable even those composed by humans themselves – something which would have seemed impossible only a few decades ago!

It’s clear then that while many people still view artificial intelligence primarily from its potential applications within other industries such as healthcare or finance; its impact upon modern day creativity should not be underestimated either! With projects like David Guetta & Eminem’s pioneering venture leading the charge towards ever greater heights; it won’t be long until we see what else these powerful machines can do next!

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