"How is Taking on Google and Microsoft with a New 'Multimodal Conversational AI' for Search" - Credit: VentureBeat

How is Taking on Google and Microsoft with a New ‘Multimodal Conversational AI’ for Search is challenging the tech giants with its new multimodal conversational AI search engine. The company, which was founded in 2018, has developed a platform that combines natural language processing (NLP) and computer vision to enable users to ask questions and receive answers from multiple sources at once.

The platform is designed to provide an intuitive experience for users who are looking for information quickly and accurately without having to navigate through complex menus or search results pages. It uses NLP technology to understand what the user is asking and then searches across multiple data sources such as websites, databases, images, videos, audio files and more in order to find relevant answers. In addition, it can also recognize objects in photos or videos so that users can ask questions about them directly using voice commands or text input.

This type of AI-powered search engine could be particularly useful for people who need quick access to information but don’t have time or patience for traditional web searching methods like typing keywords into a search bar or navigating through menus of options on a website. For example, if you wanted to know how many calories are in an apple pie you could simply take a picture of it with your phone camera and ask “How many calories are in this?” You would then get an answer right away instead of having to look up nutritional facts online first before being able to make an informed decision about whether or not you should eat it!’s platform stands out from other AI-driven solutions because it offers both voice recognition capabilities as well as visual recognition capabilities which makes it easier for people who may not be comfortable speaking aloud their queries into their device microphone but still want fast access to accurate information when they need it most – like when they’re shopping online or researching something important while on the go!

In addition,’s multimodal approach allows users greater flexibility when interacting with the system since they can choose between different modes depending on their preferences at any given moment: voice commands; text input; image/video uploads; etc.. This means that even if one mode isn’t working properly due user error (e.g., poor pronunciation), there will always be another option available so that the user doesn’t have waste time trying again until they get lucky enough for things work correctly!

The company believes its solution has potential applications beyond just consumer use cases too – such as helping businesses improve customer service by providing faster responses times than traditional methods allow thanks its ability process requests simultaneously across multiple data sources at once rather than waiting on individual responses from each source separately before returning results back!

It remains unclear how successful YouCom will be against established players like Google and Microsoft however given its innovative approach towards combining NLP & computer vision technologies together we think there’s definitely potential here worth exploring further down line especially considering how much demand there currently exists within market today both consumers businesses alike seeking better ways interact digital world around us ever increasing speed accuracy expectations come along way too!

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