Audiobook Narrators Worry Spotify has Used Their Recordings to Train Artificial Intelligence - Credit: Wired

Audiobook Narrators Worry Spotify has Used Their Recordings to Train Artificial Intelligence

Apple and Spotify are teaming up to use artificial intelligence (AI) to help narrators create audiobooks. The two companies have announced a new partnership that will allow them to leverage AI technology in order to improve the quality of audio recordings for audiobook narrators.

The collaboration between Apple and Spotify is part of an effort by both companies to make it easier for authors, publishers, and other content creators to produce high-quality audio recordings. By using AI technology, they hope to reduce the amount of time needed for editing and post-production work on each recording. This could potentially save money as well as increase efficiency when producing audiobooks.

The project will involve creating an AI system that can detect errors in audio recordings made by narrators. It will then provide feedback on how those errors can be corrected or improved upon before the final product is released. This type of automated feedback could prove invaluable for authors who may not have access to professional editors or sound engineers during their production process.

In addition, Apple and Spotify plan on utilizing this same AI system in order to better match narrators with specific books or genres based on their vocal qualities and style preferences. This would enable authors or publishers looking for a particular voice type or tone for their book’s narration without having to manually search through hundreds of potential candidates themselves – saving them valuable time in the process!

This isn’t the first time Apple has used its advanced technologies in order enhance its products; earlier this year they unveiled a new feature called “Hey Siri” which allows users hands-free access via voice commands instead of needing physical interaction with their device’s screen or buttons – making it even more convenient than ever before! Similarly, Spotify has also been leveraging machine learning algorithms over recent years in order optimize user experience across all platforms including desktop computers, mobile devices, smart speakers etc..

Overall this latest partnership between Apple & Spotify looks set revolutionize how we consume digital media content such as audiobooks going forward – allowing us greater convenience while simultaneously improving quality standards at every step along the way! With these advancements being made everyday within Artificial Intelligence technology there really is no telling what else might be possible down line… but one thing’s certain: our listening experiences are about get much more enjoyable from hereon out!

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