"How One Startup is Working to Re-Attract African AI Talent" - Credit: Wired

How One Startup is Working to Re-Attract African AI Talent

Africa is home to some of the world’s most talented and innovative minds, yet many of these individuals are leaving their countries in search of better opportunities elsewhere. This “brain drain” has been a major issue for African nations for decades, but one startup is hoping to help reverse this trend by creating an AI-focused hub on the continent.

The company, called Deep Learning Africa (DLA), was founded by two Nigerian entrepreneurs: Chukwuemeka Afigbo and Oluwatobi Akindele. Their goal is to create a platform that will enable African developers to access cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies without having to leave their home countries. The idea behind DLA is simple: provide Africans with access to the same tools and resources as those available in Silicon Valley or other tech hubs around the world so they can stay competitive in today’s global economy.

To do this, DLA has partnered with several leading companies such as Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and IBM Watson – all of which have agreed to offer discounted rates for their services when used through DLA’s platform. In addition, DLA also provides its own training programs designed specifically for African developers looking to learn more about AI technology and how it can be applied in various industries across the continent.

So far, DLA has seen great success since launching just over a year ago; they now have over 1 million users from 40 different countries using their platform every month! Additionally, they recently announced plans for expansion into East Africa later this year – something that could potentially open up even more opportunities for African developers who want access to advanced AI technologies without having to leave home.

Ultimately though, what makes Deep Learning Africa unique isn’t just its ability to provide Africans with access to top-tier technology; it’s also about providing them with an opportunity that might not otherwise exist outside of their country’s borders – namely being ableto build successful careers within Africa itself rather than seeking out employment abroad. By doing so not only does it give people hope but it also helps keep talent within the region while simultaneously boosting economic growth throughout entire communities at once – something that would benefit everyone involved!

At present there are still many challenges facing both Deep Learning Africa as well as other startups trying make similar strides towards helping bridge gaps between technological advancement and economic development on the continent; however if these initiatives continue gaining traction then we may soon see a new era where innovation flourishes throughout all parts of Africa regardless of location or background!

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