This Showdown Between Humans and Chatbots - Credit: Wired

This Showdown Between Humans and Chatbots

At the world’s largest hacker conference, DEF CON, a showdown between humans and chatbots took place. The goal of this competition was to test how well artificial intelligence (AI) can detect malicious intent in conversations. It was an exciting event that could help us better understand how AI can be used to protect us from bad actors online.
The contest pitted two teams against each other: one team composed of human players and another made up of bots powered by natural language processing (NLP). Each team had to converse with the other using text messages while trying to identify whether their opponent was a human or a bot.
The results were surprising – both teams performed equally well at detecting malicious intent! This suggests that AI is just as capable as humans when it comes to identifying potential threats in conversations. It also shows that AI can be used effectively for security purposes, such as monitoring online chats for suspicious activity.
Overall, the competition demonstrated the potential of AI when it comes to protecting us from bad actors online. By leveraging NLP technology, we can create smarter systems that are better equipped to detect malicious behavior before it causes harm. As more organizations adopt these technologies, we will see even greater improvements in our ability to stay safe on the internet.
This Showdown Between Humans and Chatbots Could Keep You Safe From Bad AI |This Showdown Between Humans and Chatbots|Security|Wired

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