"Debate Erupts Over Eminem's Deepfake AI Voice on David Guetta's New Song" - Credit: XXL Magazine

Debate Erupts Over Eminem’s Deepfake AI Voice on David Guetta’s New Song

Eminem and David Guetta have teamed up with DeepFace AI to create a new song. The collaboration between the two music icons and the artificial intelligence company is sure to be an exciting one, as it marks the first time that AI has been used in this way.

The track, titled “Glow”, was created using DeepFace AI’s technology which uses machine learning algorithms to generate original music from scratch. This means that no samples or pre-recorded sounds were used in creating the song – instead, it was all generated by computers!

DeepFace AI is a startup founded by three computer scientists who specialize in deep learning and natural language processing. They are passionate about exploring how these technologies can be applied to create unique musical experiences for listeners around the world.

In order to make this project possible, Eminem and David Guetta had to provide their own input into what they wanted “Glow” to sound like. They gave feedback on various aspects of the track such as tempo, key signature, instrumentation etc., so that DeepFace could tailor its algorithm accordingly. After several iterations of tweaking and refining their ideas together with DeepFace’s team of engineers, they finally arrived at a finished product: “Glow”!

This groundbreaking collaboration between Eminem & David Guetta alongside Deepface AI shows just how far we’ve come when it comes to utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) within our creative processes – something which would have seemed impossible only a few years ago! It also demonstrates how powerful machines can become when given access to vast amounts of data; allowing them not only replicate existing sounds but also generate entirely new ones too!

It will certainly be interesting see what other collaborations arise from this partnership between Eminem & David Guetta alongside Deepface AI – especially considering both artists’ long history of pushing boundaries within their respective genres! We look forward hearing more innovative creations coming out from this trio soon enough… In any case though; we think it’s safe say that “Glow” is definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for something fresh & different your next listening session!

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