Apple is working on an AI health coaching service according to reports - Credit: ZDNet

Apple is working on an AI health coaching service according to reports

Apple is reportedly working on a new AI-powered health coaching service that could help users better manage their health and wellness. The service, which has yet to be officially announced by the company, would use artificial intelligence (AI) to provide personalized advice and guidance on how to improve one’s overall wellbeing.
The news of Apple’s potential foray into the healthcare space comes from Bloomberg, who reports that the tech giant is currently in talks with various medical institutions about developing an AI-based system for providing health advice. According to sources familiar with the matter, Apple is looking at ways it can leverage its existing technology – such as its HealthKit platform – to create a comprehensive health coaching experience for users.
The report also suggests that Apple may be looking at partnering with healthcare providers in order to offer more specialized services within its proposed AI-driven health coaching program. This could include offering tailored diet plans or exercise regimens based on individual user data collected through HealthKit or other connected devices like the Apple Watch.
It’s unclear when this new service might launch but if it does come to fruition, it would mark another step forward in Apple’s efforts towards becoming a major player in digital healthcare solutions. The company already offers several tools designed specifically for tracking and managing one’s personal wellbeing including Activity Rings for monitoring physical activity levels and Sleep Tracking features built into watchOS 6 software update released last year.
In addition, earlier this month saw the release of ResearchKit 2 – an open source framework designed specifically for conducting medical research studies using iPhones and iPads – further demonstrating Apple’s commitment towards advancing digital healthcare technologies.
If successful, this latest venture could prove beneficial not only for consumers but also medical professionals who are increasingly turning towards technology as a means of delivering better care outcomes while reducing costs associated with traditional treatments methods such as hospital visits or home visits from nurses or doctors assistants .
Overall ,it looks like we will have wait until official confirmation from apple before we know exactly what they have planned but whatever form their proposed AI-health coaching service takes ,it certainly seems set to revolutionize how people approach their own personal well being . |Apple is working on an AI health coaching service according to reports|Health|ZDNet

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