Merck Brings on AI Expert After Dragonfly Terminates Partnership - Credit: Bizjournals

Merck Brings on AI Expert After Dragonfly Terminates Partnership

Dragonfly and Bristol-Myers Squibb Team Up to Create AI-Powered Medical Device

Dragonfly, a leading artificial intelligence (AI) company, has announced its collaboration with Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS), one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. The two are working together to develop an AI-powered medical device that will help healthcare professionals diagnose and treat patients more quickly and accurately.

The new device is designed to use Dragonfly’s proprietary deep learning algorithms to analyze patient data in real time. This analysis can then be used by clinicians to make informed decisions about diagnosis and treatment options for their patients. The device also includes a user interface that allows doctors to easily access patient information from multiple sources, such as electronic health records or imaging scans.

This partnership marks the first time that BMS has partnered with an AI company on a medical device project. It is part of BMS’ larger strategy of leveraging technology to improve patient care outcomes across its portfolio of products and services.

The joint venture between Dragonfly and BMS is expected to result in the development of a 510(k)-cleared medical device within the next 12 months. This type of clearance means that it meets all regulatory requirements set forth by the U.S Food & Drug Administration (FDA). Once approved, this product could revolutionize how healthcare providers diagnose and treat diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke and other conditions where early detection can lead to better outcomes for patients.

“We are thrilled at this opportunity we have been given by Bristol Myers Squibb,” said Dr Michael Gazzaniga CEO at Dragonfly “to work together on developing an innovative solution which will enable us both reach our shared goal: improving patient care through cutting edge technology.”

The potential impact this project could have on healthcare delivery cannot be overstated; it could significantly reduce diagnostic errors while providing faster results than traditional methods currently available today – saving lives in the process! Additionally, it would provide physicians with greater insight into their patients’ conditions so they can make more informed decisions when prescribing treatments or medications based on individual needs rather than relying solely upon general guidelines or protocols established by professional organizations such as American College Of Physicians or American Heart Association .

In addition to helping save lives through improved accuracy in diagnostics ,this collaboration between Dragonfly & BMS may also open up new opportunities for further research into using AI powered devices for personalized medicine applications such as precision drug dosing , gene therapy ,and targeted therapies . By combining advanced machine learning techniques with clinical expertise ,we hope these advancements will ultimately lead towards better overall health outcomes for everyone involved .

Overall ,the collaboration between Dragonfly & BMS represents another step forward towards making personalized medicine accessible worldwide . With continued innovation from both parties we look forward seeing what else they come up with ! We believe this partnership holds great promise not only for those suffering from chronic illnesses but also those looking ahead towards preventive measures against future ailments .

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