WhatsApp starts testing AI-generated Stickers - Credit: The Verge

WhatsApp starts testing AI-generated Stickers

WhatsApp is taking its sticker game to the next level with a new feature that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to generate custom stickers for users. The company has started testing this feature in an Android beta version of the app, and it’s expected to roll out more widely soon.
The AI-generated stickers are based on images that users upload into WhatsApp, which then creates personalized stickers from them. Users can also customize their own sticker packs by adding text or other elements like emojis. This allows people to create unique designs that reflect their personalities and interests.
In addition, WhatsApp is introducing a “Sticker Suggestions” feature which will suggest relevant stickers when you type certain words or phrases in chats. For example, if you type “I love you” it might suggest heart-shaped stickers or romantic messages as options for your response.
These features are part of WhatsApp’s ongoing effort to make messaging more fun and engaging for its users around the world. It follows other recent updates such as dark mode support and animated GIFs which have been well received by users so far.
WhatsApp hopes these new features will help keep people connected during times of social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, while also providing a creative outlet for self expression through customizing one’s own sticker packs with personal touches like photos and text messages .
Overall, these changes demonstrate how AI technology can be used in innovative ways within messaging apps like WhatsApp – making conversations even more enjoyable than before!
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