"Engineering Expert's Warning on Artificial Intelligence" - Credit: CNN

Engineering Expert’s Warning on Artificial Intelligence

Google Engineer Who Warned About AI Now Works to Make It Safer

When Google engineer Timnit Gebru warned about the potential dangers of artificial intelligence (AI) in 2020, she was met with backlash from her employer. But now, after leaving Google and joining a new organization called the Safely Mined Research (SMR) Initiative, Gebru is working to make sure that AI technology is developed safely and ethically.

Gebru’s journey began when she wrote an internal memo at Google warning about the potential risks of using AI for facial recognition technology. She argued that such technology could be used to target people based on their race or gender, leading to discrimination and other human rights violations. In response, Google fired her—a move which sparked outrage among many in the tech industry who saw it as an attack on free speech.

But instead of giving up, Gebru decided to use her experience as a platform for change by founding SMR with fellow researchers Joy Buolamwini and Deborah Raji. The initiative seeks to ensure that AI technologies are developed responsibly through research-driven approaches like data governance frameworks and ethical principles for algorithmic decision making systems.

The team has already made some progress towards this goal: they recently released a report outlining best practices for developing safe algorithms which can be used by companies looking to implement responsible AI solutions into their products or services. They have also launched several projects aimed at helping organizations better understand how their algorithms work so they can identify any potential biases before deploying them into production environments.

In addition to these efforts, SMR has been advocating for greater transparency around how algorithms are being used in order to prevent misuse or abuse of power by those who control them—something which Gebru believes is essential if we want our society “to remain equitable” going forward into the future of automation and machine learning technologies.

While there is still much work left ahead before we can truly say that all AI applications are safe and ethical enough for public use, initiatives like SMR show us just how far we have come since Timnit Gebru first raised concerns about facial recognition technology back in 2020—and what kind of impact one person’s voice can have when it comes time stand up against injustice within our own communities today .

Timnit Gebru’s story serves as an inspiring example of what happens when someone stands up against injustice – even if it means facing pushback from powerful entities like corporations or governments – because ultimately speaking out often leads not only personal growth but also positive changes within society itself . After being fired from Google due her warnings regarding facial recognition technology , she chose not take no action but rather create something meaningful out of her experience : The Safely Mined Research Initiative (SMR). This initiative works towards ensuring Artificial Intelligence technologies are created responsibly through research-driven approaches such as data governance frameworks & ethical principles . Through this project , SMR hopes achieve greater transparency around algorithm usage & help organizations better understand any potential biases prior deployment .

Since its launch , SMR has already achieved notable success ; releasing reports outlining best practices & launching multiple projects related understanding algorithm behavior & identifying bias . As well , they advocate heavily for increased transparency surrounding algorithm usage so misuse/abuse power cannot occur unchecked . With more initiatives similar nature popping across globe , it clear world taking steps towards creating safer environment where everyone benefits equally regardless race/gender etc..

Ultimately while there still much work needed done before all Artificial Intelligence applications deemed safe enough public use , Timnit Gebu’s story shows us just how far we’ve come since initial warnings were issued back 2020 – proving once again importance standing up against injustices no matter cost may be – because doing so often leads both personal growth & positive societal changes alike !

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