"What It's Like to Try Out Microsoft's AI-Powered Bing" - Credit: CNN

What It’s Like to Try Out Microsoft’s AI-Powered Bing

Microsoft has announced a major upgrade to its AI-powered Bing search engine, introducing new features that will make the user experience more personalized and intuitive.

The company said it is leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to create an “intelligent assistant” for users of Bing, which will be able to answer questions in natural language and provide tailored results based on individual preferences. The update also includes improved visual search capabilities, allowing users to find information faster by using images or videos as their starting point.

“We are excited about the potential of AI-driven experiences,” said Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella in a statement. “Bing’s intelligent assistant will help people get answers quickly and easily while providing them with a more personalised experience.”

The new features come at a time when many tech companies are investing heavily in AI technology, with Google leading the way with its own suite of products such as Google Assistant and Google Lens. Microsoft is hoping that its own efforts can help it catch up in this area, particularly given how important search engines have become for online businesses today.

To achieve this goal, Microsoft has been working hard over the past few years to improve Bing’s accuracy and relevance when responding to queries from users. This latest update builds on those efforts by adding several new features designed specifically for improving user engagement:

• Natural Language Processing (NLP): This feature allows Bing to understand complex queries written in natural language rather than just keywords or phrases typed into the search box;

• Personalized Results: By learning from user behavior over time, Bing can now deliver results tailored specifically towards each individual;

• Visual Search: Users can now use images or videos as their starting point when searching for something on Bing;

• Knowledge Graphs: These graphs allow users to explore related topics without having to type out multiple searches;

• Contextual Understanding: With contextual understanding enabled, Bing can better interpret what you’re looking for even if your query isn’t perfectly phrased or spelled correctly.

In addition to these core improvements, Microsoft has also added some other enhancements such as improved voice recognition capabilities so that you don’t have type out every word of your query – instead you can simply speak it aloud and let Bing do all the work! It’s clear that Microsoft is serious about making sure its customers get exactly what they need from their searches – no matter how complicated they may be – thanks largely due these recent updates made available through its AI-powered platform.
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