U.S. Copyright Office: AI-Generated Images Not Eligible for Copyright Protection - Credit: Forbes

U.S. Copyright Office: AI-Generated Images Not Eligible for Copyright Protection

Artificial intelligence (AI) is making its way into the world of comic books. In a recent issue of DC Comics’ “The Terrifics,” AI-generated images were used to illustrate the story. But according to a new ruling from the U.S. Copyright Office, these images may not be protected by copyright law.

This decision could have far-reaching implications for how AI and other automated technologies are used in creative works like comics, movies, music, and more. It also raises questions about who owns the rights to creations made with such technology — creators or machines?

In its ruling on February 18th, 2021, The US Copyright Office stated that “works generated by artificial intelligence” cannot be registered as copyrighted works under current copyright law because they lack an author or creator with legal standing in the United States: “Copyright protection does not extend to any idea, procedure process method of operation concept principle discovery or device regardless of form in which it is described fixed or embodied in such work.”

The decision was made after DC Comics submitted several pages from their comic book featuring artwork created using an AI program called GANbreeder for review by the US Copyright Office earlier this year. The office determined that since there was no human author behind these images—only algorithms—they did not qualify for copyright protection under existing laws.

This means that anyone can use these images without fear of infringing upon someone else’s intellectual property rights — at least until Congress passes legislation specifically addressing this issue and granting protections to works created through automation processes like those employed by GANbreeder and similar programs.

While this ruling has been met with some criticism from those who argue that creators should still own their work even if it was produced using automated methods, others see it as a positive step forward towards recognizing machine creativity as legitimate artistry worthy of protection under copyright law — something many experts believe will eventually happen anyway given how quickly technology is advancing today.

At present though, artists must take extra precautions when creating content using automated tools like GANbreeder so they don’t inadvertently give away their rights over what they create; otherwise they risk having their work copied without permission or compensation down the line if/when copyright laws do change to include AI-created content within them someday soon enough!

As we move further into an age where automation plays an increasingly important role in our lives – both professionally and personally – understanding how current laws apply (or don’t apply) will become ever more critical for protecting one’s creative output against potential infringement claims later on down the road too! For now though at least we know that when it comes to comic books featuring artwork generated via artificial intelligence programs like GANbreeder – you won’t need worry about running afoul of any existing copyrights held by another party either!

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