ChatGPT Examines 'Woke Bias': AI Program Celebrates Biden, Criticizes Trump; Recognizes Woman as a Gender Identity and Opposes Fossil Fuels - Credit: Fox Business

ChatGPT Examines ‘Woke Bias’: AI Program Celebrates Biden, Criticizes Trump; Recognizes Woman as a Gender Identity and Opposes Fossil Fuels

ChatGPT, a new artificial intelligence (AI) program developed by Microsoft, has been making headlines recently for its woke bias and progressive views. The AI chatbot is programmed to respond to questions about politics and current events with answers that reflect liberal values. It cheers on President Joe Biden while criticizing former President Donald Trump, defines gender identity as something beyond the traditional binary of male or female, and rips into fossil fuels as an outdated energy source.

The ChatGPT project was created by Microsoft’s research team in order to explore how AI can be used to generate natural language conversations. In particular, they wanted to see if it could be used for more than just customer service interactions or simple Q&A sessions; instead, they hoped it would be able to engage in complex debates about topics like politics and social issues. To do this, the team fed the bot millions of articles from news outlets around the world so that it could learn how people talk about these topics online.

The results have been impressive – ChatGPT is now capable of engaging in nuanced conversations about a variety of subjects without any human input required. However, some critics have raised concerns over its “woke bias” – namely that it appears to favor left-leaning viewpoints over right-leaning ones when responding to queries related to politics or current events. For example, when asked who won the 2020 presidential election between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, ChatGPT will reply “Joe Biden won!” rather than providing a neutral answer such as “the winner was Joe Biden” or simply listing both candidates without preference towards either one.

In addition to its political leanings being questioned by some observers, there are also worries surrounding ChatGPT’s definition of gender identity which goes beyond traditional binaries such as male/female or man/woman: “Gender identity is not limited only two options – male/female,” reads one response from the bot when asked what gender means today.” This statement has sparked debate among those who believe that gender should remain within strict definitions based on biological sex characteristics alone; however others argue that this kind of open-mindedness reflects our changing understanding of gender roles in society today and should therefore be embraced rather than criticized.

Finally there are those who take issue with ChatGPT’s stance on climate change: “Fossil fuels are an outdated energy source,” reads another response from the bot when asked what we should do about global warming.” While many agree with this sentiment due their environmental impact , others worry that relying too heavily on renewable sources may lead us down a path where electricity becomes too expensive for most households .

Overall , while opinions may differ regarding certain aspects of ChatGPT’s programming , there is no denying its potential applications . As technology continues advancing at breakneck speeds , AI programs like this one offer exciting possibilities for creating meaningful dialogue between humans and machines . With further development , perhaps someday soon we’ll all be having intelligent discussions with robots !

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