Former Google CEO says A.I Pause Would 'Simply Benefit China' - Credit: Fox Business

Former Google CEO says A.I Pause Would ‘Simply Benefit China’

In recent weeks, the debate over artificial intelligence (AI) has been reignited. Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt recently weighed in on the matter, saying that a pause on AI development would only benefit China.
Schmidt’s comments come after Microsoft President Brad Smith called for a “Digital Geneva Convention” to regulate the use of AI technology and prevent its misuse by governments or other entities. While Smith argued that such an agreement was necessary to protect people from potential harms caused by AI, Schmidt disagreed with this approach.
Speaking at a conference in Munich last week, Schmidt said that any attempt to slow down progress in AI would be detrimental to countries like the United States and Europe as they try to compete with China in terms of technological advancement. He noted that while some regulation is needed when it comes to data privacy and security issues related to AI, he believes it should not impede innovation or progress overall.
He also warned against trying too hard to control how companies develop their own technologies; instead, he suggested focusing more on ensuring ethical standards are met when using them. In addition, he urged governments around the world not just focus on regulating tech giants but also look into ways of supporting smaller businesses so they can keep up with larger ones when it comes to developing new technologies such as AI-based solutions.
Overall, Schmidt believes there needs be more collaboration between different countries and organizations if we want make sure everyone benefits from advances made in artificial intelligence technology without sacrificing safety or ethics along way. It remains unclear what kind of regulations will eventually emerge out this debate but one thing is certain: any attempts slow down progress could have serious consequences for those who don’t take part in race towards technological supremacy led by China today .
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