Biden's Executive Order for 'Woke' AI Labeled 'Social Cancer' - Credit: Fox News

Biden’s Executive Order for ‘Woke’ AI Labeled ‘Social Cancer’

President Biden recently signed an executive order to promote the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in government. The move has been met with both praise and criticism, as some view it as a way to bring about positive change while others fear that it could lead to “woke” AI.

The executive order seeks to make sure that AI is used responsibly by the federal government, and that its applications are consistent with American values such as privacy, civil rights, and public trust. It also calls for increased transparency when using AI systems so citizens can understand how their data is being used.

Proponents of the executive order argue that this will help ensure fairness in decision-making processes within the government. They point out that AI can be used for good – from helping diagnose diseases more quickly to improving transportation efficiency – but only if it is done properly and ethically.

However, critics worry about what they call “woke” or biased AI – where algorithms are designed with certain political agendas in mind rather than objective facts or evidence-based research. This type of technology could potentially lead to discrimination against certain groups based on race or gender identity, which would violate basic human rights principles. Additionally, there are concerns over potential misuse of personal data collected through these systems which could threaten individual privacy rights and security risks associated with cyberattacks on vulnerable networks containing sensitive information.

In response to these fears, President Biden has called for greater oversight when using artificial intelligence technologies within the federal government by establishing a new interagency working group tasked with developing best practices for responsible use of AI across all agencies and departments under his administration’s purview. He also directed agencies to review existing policies related to algorithmic accountability and develop new ones if necessary; create training programs focused on ethical considerations surrounding machine learning; provide guidance on how automated decision-making should be monitored; establish standards around data collection practices; conduct regular audits of any system utilizing artificial intelligence technology; require disclosure whenever an algorithm produces results significantly different from those expected; publish reports detailing progress made towards meeting goals set forth in this executive order; and finally appoint a Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer who will serve as a central point person overseeing implementation efforts across all relevant departments throughout the federal government .

The goal here is not just about promoting innovation but ensuring fairness at every step along the way – something many believe was missing during previous administrations’ attempts at implementing similar initiatives without proper oversight mechanisms in place first . By taking proactive steps now , President Biden hopes he can avoid any potential pitfalls down the road while still allowing America’s technological capabilities continue advancing forward into uncharted territory .

At present , there remains much debate over whether this approach will ultimately prove successful or not , though one thing seems clear : regardless of outcome , we must remain vigilant when it comes protecting our fundamental freedoms – especially those involving our right know exactly how our personal information being utilized by powerful entities like governments . With continued dialogue between stakeholders involved , hopefully we’ll able find balance between embracing cutting edge advancements while safeguarding core values enshrined Constitution .

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