Pause In US Development Of AI Would 'Simply Benefit China,' Ex-Google Boss - Credit: New York Post

Pause In US Development Of AI Would ‘Simply Benefit China,’ Ex-Google Boss

In the tech world, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a major topic of discussion for years. As technology continues to advance, so does AI and its potential applications. But with the US leading in AI development, some experts are now warning that this could be detrimental to China’s progress in the field.

Recently, former Google CEO Eric Schmidt spoke out about his concerns regarding US-China relations when it comes to AI development. He believes that if there was a pause on US development of AI technologies, it would “simply benefit China” as they have already made significant strides in their own research and implementation of these technologies.

Schmidt is not alone in his opinion either; many other industry leaders have echoed similar sentiments over recent months. They point out that while the US may be ahead right now, China is quickly catching up and will soon overtake them if nothing changes soon. This could mean serious consequences for both countries as well as global markets depending on who controls this powerful technology first.

The implications of such a shift are far reaching and complex but one thing is certain: whoever controls AI will control much more than just technology – they will also hold immense power over how we live our lives going forward too. It’s no wonder then why so many people are worried about what might happen if China were to gain an advantage here before anyone else can catch up or even compete with them at all!

It remains unclear what steps need to be taken by governments around the world in order to ensure fair competition between nations when it comes to developing new technologies like artificial intelligence but one thing is certain: something needs to change soon or else we risk losing ground altogether! For now though, all eyes remain on both countries as they continue their race towards technological supremacy – only time will tell who wins out in the end…

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