As China makes new rules, AI developers will ‘dance with shackles on’ - Credit: South China Morning Post

As China makes new rules, AI developers will ‘dance with shackles on’

As the development of artificial intelligence (AI) continues to grow, China has taken steps to ensure that its technology is used responsibly. The Chinese government recently announced new regulations for AI developers, requiring them to adhere to certain ethical standards and principles when creating their products. This move comes after a chatbot called “ChatGPT” was released in 2020 which caused controversy due to its ability to generate offensive content.

The new rules are intended to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future by ensuring that AI developers take into account potential risks associated with their creations. Developers must now consider how their product could be misused or abused before releasing it into the public domain. They must also make sure that any data collected through their product is handled securely and ethically, as well as comply with all applicable laws and regulations related to privacy and security.

In addition, developers will need to provide clear instructions on how users can interact safely with their product while still allowing them access necessary features or services they require. Furthermore, they must create systems that allow users who have been harmed by an AI-based system or service access redress if needed. Finally, developers should strive towards making sure that no one group of people is unfairly targeted by an AI-based system or service based on race, gender identity or other factors unrelated directly related performance metrics such as accuracy rate of predictions made by the model itself .

These new regulations come at a time when many countries around the world are looking for ways regulate emerging technologies like artificial intelligence more closely than ever before in order better protect citizens from potential harms posed by these powerful tools . While some may view this move as overly restrictive , others see it as a necessary step forward in ensuring responsible use of technology going forward . As one developer put it , “We will have dance with shackles on” – meaning we will need find ways work within these restrictions while still pushing boundaries innovation .
|As China makes new rules, AI developers will ‘dance with shackles on’|Regulation|South China Morning Post

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