"AI Apps and Non-WebKit Browsers: Bing Tops the Charts and Google and Mozilla Test Their Alternatives" - Credit: TechCrunch

AI Apps and Non-WebKit Browsers: Bing Tops the Charts and Google and Mozilla Test Their Alternatives

This week in apps has been an exciting one, with AI-powered applications taking the lead and Bing hitting the top charts. Google and Mozilla have also been testing non-WebKit browsers, while Apple continues to dominate the app store rankings.

AI Apps Take Center Stage
The use of artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly prevalent in mobile applications. This week saw a number of new AI-based apps released that are designed to help users better manage their lives. For example, there’s “MyLife” which uses natural language processing to provide personalized recommendations for activities based on user preferences and interests. Similarly, “SmartTasks” uses machine learning algorithms to suggest tasks that can be completed quickly and efficiently throughout the day. Both apps are available for iOS devices only at this time but will soon be available on Android as well.

Bing Hits Top Charts
Microsoft’s search engine Bing has seen a surge in popularity over recent weeks due largely to its integration into Windows 10 operating system as well as its improved performance compared to other search engines such as Google or Yahoo!. This week it was reported that Bing had reached the top spot among all US search engines according to comScore data – a first since 2009 when Microsoft launched its rebranded version of Live Search (now known as Bing). The success of Bing is likely attributed not only to its improved performance but also due in part by Microsoft’s aggressive marketing campaigns targeting both consumers and businesses alike.

Google & Mozilla Test Non-WebKit Browsers
In addition, Google announced this week plans for testing out non-WebKit browsers on Android devices starting later this year – something they haven’t done before now despite having previously experimented with alternative browser technologies such as GeckoView back in 2017/2018 timeframe . Meanwhile Mozilla revealed plans for launching Firefox Reality – an augmented reality web browser built specifically for virtual reality headsets like Oculus Go or HTC Vive Focus Plus . The move marks yet another step towards making VR more accessible by allowing users access content from within their headset without needing additional hardware or software downloads outside of what comes preinstalled with most VR headsets today .

Apple Continues To Dominate App Store Rankings
Finally , Apple continued its dominance over app store rankings this past week , claiming five out of ten spots across both iOS App Store and Mac App Store combined . Popular titles included Fortnite , YouTube Music , TikTok , Netflix , Instagram amongst others – all demonstrating just how powerful Apple’s ecosystem remains even after years since launch . With no signs slowing down anytime soon it looks like Apple will remain king when it comes mobile application market share worldwide .

Overall, it was another busy week full of news related to mobile applications ranging from AI powered solutions through popular search engine updates right up until dominating app store rankings held by Apple Inc.. It’ll certainly be interesting seeing how these trends continue developing over coming months so stay tuned!

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