"Weekly Roundup: Meta Verification Fees, Instagram Founders' App Launch, and Spotify's AI DJ" - Credit: TechCrunch

Weekly Roundup: Meta Verification Fees, Instagram Founders’ App Launch, and Spotify’s AI DJ

This week in apps has been a busy one, with lots of exciting news and updates.

Meta, the app that helps you verify your identity online, announced this week that it is now offering paid verifications. The service allows users to pay for an extra layer of security when verifying their accounts on various websites and services. This will help protect against fraudsters who may be trying to impersonate someone else or gain access to sensitive information. Meta’s verification process includes facial recognition technology as well as other biometric data such as fingerprints and voice recordings. It also uses machine learning algorithms to detect any suspicious activity associated with the account being verified.

Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom unveiled his new app called “Goods” this week at SXSW in Austin, Texas. Goods is a shopping platform where users can buy items directly from brands they follow on Instagram without ever leaving the app itself. The idea behind Goods is to make shopping easier by eliminating the need for customers to search through multiple sites or stores before making a purchase decision – all they have to do is click “buy” within Instagram itself!

Spotify made headlines this week with its announcement of AI DJ – an artificial intelligence-powered music recommendation system designed specifically for DJs and producers looking for new tracks and sounds while creating mixes or live sets. AI DJ uses natural language processing (NLP) technology combined with Spotify’s vast library of songs in order to generate personalized recommendations based on user preferences and listening habits over time. With AI DJ, DJs no longer have to spend hours searching through hundreds of tracks just hoping something catches their ear – instead they can rely on Spotify’s powerful algorithm which takes into account factors like genre, tempo, mood etc., giving them more time focus on what really matters: creating great music!

Finally, Apple released iOS 14 Beta 3 this week which brings several improvements including better battery life management features as well as support for AirPods Pro 2nd generation devices (which are expected later this year). Additionally there are some minor UI tweaks such as improved notifications center design along with bug fixes related performance issues reported by developers during testing phase prior release date next month April 2021 .

Overall it was another interesting week in apps filled with plenty exciting announcements developments across platforms mobile web desktop alike so stay tuned see what comes out next!.

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