AI ‘could be as transformative as industrial revolution’ - Credit: The Guardian

AI ‘could be as transformative as industrial revolution’

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to be as transformative for humanity as the industrial revolution, according to Patrick Vallance, the UK government’s chief scientific adviser.
Vallance said AI could help solve some of society’s most pressing problems and that it was important for governments to ensure its development is done responsibly. He added that it was essential people were given access to training so they can benefit from new opportunities created by AI.
Speaking at a virtual event hosted by techUK on Wednesday, Vallance said: “The potential of AI is huge – I think it could be as transformational in many ways as we saw with the industrial revolution.”
He continued: “It will bring about changes in how we work and live our lives but also create opportunities for us all if used properly. It’s really important that governments around the world take this seriously and make sure there are appropriate regulations in place so that development takes place responsibly.”
Vallance noted that while much of the focus had been on how businesses use AI, he wanted more attention paid to how individuals can benefit from advances in technology such as machine learning and natural language processing. He suggested providing people with access to training courses which would enable them to develop skills needed for jobs which may arise due to increased automation or other technological advancements.
“We need a system where everyone has an opportunity,” he said “and not just those who have already got qualifications or experience.”
In addition, Vallance highlighted concerns over data privacy when using AI systems and called for greater transparency around algorithms used by companies such as Google or Facebook which process large amounts of personal information every day. He argued these firms should explain why certain decisions are made based on user data rather than leaving users feeling like their choices are being manipulated without their knowledge or consent.
Overall, Patrick Vallance believes artificial intelligence has great potential but must be developed responsibly if it is going to benefit society overall rather than creating further inequality between those who have access and those who don’t. Governments must play an active role in ensuring this happens through regulation while also providing citizens with adequate training opportunities so they can take advantage of any new job prospects arising from advances in technology such as machine learning or natural language processing . |AI ‘could be as transformative as industrial revolution’|Technology|The Guardian

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