78% Believe AI-Generated News Articles Would be Detrimental: Survey - Credit: The Hill

78% Believe AI-Generated News Articles Would be Detrimental: Survey

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a major part of our lives, from the way we communicate to how we shop. But when it comes to news media, many people are wary of AI-written articles. A recent survey found that 78 percent of respondents believe AI-written news would be a bad thing for society.

The survey was conducted by the Media Insight Project, an initiative between The Associated Press and NORC at the University of Chicago. It surveyed 1,000 adults in the United States about their views on AI-generated content in journalism and other forms of media.

The results showed that most Americans don’t trust AI-generated content when it comes to news reporting or opinion pieces. Nearly three quarters (73%) said they wouldn’t trust an article written by an algorithm as much as one written by a human journalist; only 8% said they would trust it more than a human journalist’s work.

When asked why they didn’t trust AI-written articles, respondents cited concerns about accuracy and bias in machine learning algorithms used to generate stories or opinions based on data sets fed into them by humans who may have their own biases or agendas embedded within them. Additionally, some felt that machines lack creativity and nuance needed for quality journalism—something only humans can provide through experience and understanding of complex topics like politics or culture.

In addition to distrusting automated writing services for news coverage, many also expressed concern over potential job losses if these technologies were adopted widely across media outlets: 68% believed such technology could lead to fewer jobs for journalists while just 11% thought it could create new opportunities in areas like fact checking or editing stories generated by algorithms before publication online or in print form..

Despite these worries around accuracy and job security though, there is still some optimism among those surveyed about what automation might bring: nearly half (48%) think using artificial intelligence will help make sure facts are reported accurately while 43% believe it will improve access to information overall due largely to its ability to quickly process large amounts of data faster than any human ever could do manually..

While this survey shows us that most Americans remain skeptical about trusting AI with producing journalistic content right now – especially when compared with traditional methods – there is still hope that further advances in technology can bridge this gap between man and machine so both sides can benefit from each other’s strengths going forward..

As artificial intelligence continues its rapid development over time – becoming increasingly sophisticated – perhaps then we’ll see attitudes towards automated writing services shift too as people come round more readily accept its role within modern day journalism..

For now though, despite all the potential benefits associated with using artificial intelligence within newsrooms today – including increased speed & efficiency plus improved accuracy & accessibility – public opinion remains firmly against allowing machines take control completely over what gets published online & offline alike..

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