US DoD AI Chief on LLMs: ‘I need hackers to tell us how this stuff breaks' - Credit: VentureBeat

US DoD AI Chief on LLMs: ‘I need hackers to tell us how this stuff breaks’

The US Department of Defense (DoD) is making a major push to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) into its operations. Recently, the DoD’s AI chief, Lt. Gen. Jack Shanahan, spoke at the 2019 Defcon conference about how he wants hackers to help them understand how their systems can be broken and improved upon with AI technology.

Shanahan believes that by having hackers test out their systems they will be able to identify potential weaknesses in their system before it’s too late. He also noted that this type of testing could provide valuable insight into how AI-based systems can be used more effectively for defense purposes.

At the same time, Shanahan stressed that security must remain a top priority when using AI technologies within the DoD’s operations. He pointed out that while these technologies have great potential for improving military capabilities, there are still risks associated with them as well if not properly secured and monitored.

In addition to seeking advice from hackers on how best to use and secure AI-based systems within its operations, Shanahan also discussed his plans for developing “Learning Machine Learning Models” (LLMs). These models would allow machines to learn from data sets without needing human intervention or programming instructions every step of the way – something which has been difficult up until now due to limited computing power available in most modern computers today.

LLMs would enable machines to become smarter over time as they process more data sets and gain experience in different areas such as image recognition or natural language processing tasks – something which could prove invaluable when dealing with complex military scenarios where decisions need to be made quickly and accurately based on large amounts of information being processed simultaneously by multiple sources across various platforms .

Overall, it appears clear that Lt General Jack Shanahan is taking an aggressive approach towards incorporating artificial intelligence into DoD operations while ensuring security remains paramount throughout all stages of development and implementation processes alike – something which should come as no surprise given his long history working within both government agencies and private sector companies alike prior joining forces with the US Department of Defense earlier this year .

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