Congressman Ted Lieu's Efforts to Regulate Artificial Intelligence - Credit: CNBC

Congressman Ted Lieu’s Efforts to Regulate Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly becoming an integral part of our lives, and it’s important to ensure that its use is regulated in a way that protects the public. That’s why Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) has been pushing for legislation to regulate AI technology. In a recent interview with CNBC, he discussed his efforts and how they could help protect consumers from potential harms caused by AI.

Rep. Lieu began by noting the incredible potential of AI technology, saying “It can be used for good or bad purposes… We want to make sure we are using this technology responsibly so it doesn’t hurt people.” He went on to explain that while there are many benefits associated with AI, such as improved efficiency and accuracy in decision making processes, there are also risks involved if not properly regulated. For example, he noted that facial recognition software can be used for surveillance purposes without individuals’ knowledge or consent which raises serious privacy concerns.

In order to address these issues, Rep. Lieu proposed two pieces of legislation: The Algorithmic Accountability Act and the Artificial Intelligence Initiative Act . The former would require companies using algorithms in their products or services to conduct regular audits of their systems in order to identify any biases or inaccuracies present within them; while the latter would create an interagency task force dedicated solely towards researching and developing regulations related specifically to artificial intelligence technologies .

The congressman believes these measures will go a long way towards protecting consumers from potential harms caused by unregulated use of AI technologies , but he also recognizes that more needs to be done . He said “We need stronger laws when it comes down [to] data privacy… We need better enforcement mechanisms so companies know they have skin in the game if they don’t comply with existing laws .” He added that Congress should consider creating incentives for companies who do comply with regulations , such as tax breaks or other forms of financial assistance .

Overall , Rep. Ted Lieu’s push for regulation around artificial intelligence is commendable ; not only does it seek out ways to protect consumers from potential harms caused by unchecked use of this powerful technology , but it also looks at ways businesses can benefit financially from following best practices when utilizing AI tools . It’s clear that regulating artificial intelligence is going become increasingly important over time , and initiatives like those proposed by Congressman Lieu will play an essential role in ensuring responsible usage moving forward .

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