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7 Low Code Platforms Embracing AI

In the modern world, businesses are increasingly turning to low-code platforms as a way to quickly develop applications. Low-code platforms allow developers and non-developers alike to create apps with minimal coding knowledge. But what makes these platforms even more attractive is their ability to embrace AI technology. By leveraging AI, companies can build smarter applications that can automate mundane tasks and provide better insights into customer behavior. Here’s a look at seven of the most popular low-code platforms that are embracing AI:

OutSystems is one of the leading providers of low-code development solutions for enterprise organizations. OutSystems has integrated its platform with Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services, allowing users to easily add natural language processing (NLP) capabilities such as sentiment analysis and text recognition into their apps. This allows developers to quickly create intelligent chatbots or other conversational interfaces without having to write any code themselves.

Mendix is another popular low-code platform that has embraced AI technology in recent years. Mendix offers an array of tools for creating powerful business applications, including machine learning algorithms and predictive analytics capabilities powered by IBM Watson services like Natural Language Understanding (NLU). With NLU, users can easily incorporate voice commands or text input into their apps so they can respond intelligently based on user queries or requests.

Kony also provides an extensive suite of tools for developing mobile and web applications using a drag-and-drop interface with no coding required. Kony recently announced its partnership with Google Cloud Platform which will enable customers to use Google’s advanced machine learning APIs within their own custom apps built on Kony’s platform – making it easier than ever before for developers who don’t have deep technical expertise in ML/AI technologies but still want access them within their projects..

WaveMaker is yet another provider offering robust app development capabilities through its cloud platform – WaveMaker Studio Pro – which includes features such as automated testing, version control integration, continuous delivery pipelines etc., all designed specifically for rapid application development cycles . What sets WaveMaker apart from other similar offerings though is its support for artificial intelligence via integrations with Amazon Lex & Rekognition services; enabling customers not only build sophisticated bots but also leverage facial recognition & image classification capabilities within their projects too!

Appian takes things up a notch by providing an end–to–end automation solution that combines both BPM (Business Process Management) & RPA (Robotic Process Automation). Appian’s Intelligent Automation Cloud leverages advanced NLP techniques alongwith Machine Learning models trained on historical data; allowing customers not just automate processes but also make decisions based upon contextually relevant information extracted from documents & emails automatically!

Salesforce Lightning Platform enables enterprises across industries ranging from healthcare , finance , retail etc., rapidly develop customised CRM solutions tailored towards specific needs . Salesforce recently unveiled Einstein Vision – an API service powered by deep learning algorithms ; enabling organisations integrate computer vision functionality directly into existing Salesforce Lightning Apps thus allowing them gain valuable insights about customer behaviour patterns faster than ever before !

Finally there’s Oracle Mobile Application Accelerator which helps organisations rapidly design , develop & deploy mobile applications across multiple devices . OMA integrates seamlessly with Oracle Autonomous Database -a fully managed database service featuring self driving , self healing autonomous operations ; thereby reducing manual intervention while ensuring high availability & performance levels throughout !

These seven low code platforms demonstrate how easy it has become for businesses today to take advantage of cutting edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence without needing expert level programming skills or expensive resources . As more companies continue embracing this trend we’ll likely see further innovations in this space soon enough ! |7 Low Code Platforms Embracing AI|Technology|InfoWorld

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