U.S. Lawmakers Show Interest in Growing Popularity of ChatGPT - Credit: Reuters

U.S. Lawmakers Show Interest in Growing Popularity of ChatGPT

Chatbot technology has seen a surge in popularity over the past few years, and now US lawmakers are taking an interest. Chatbots, or automated computer programs that simulate human conversation, have become increasingly popular as businesses look for ways to provide better customer service and streamline operations.

The use of chatbots is growing rapidly across industries such as retail, banking, healthcare and hospitality. According to research from Juniper Research, the global market for chatbot services will reach $1 billion by 2023. This growth is driven by advances in artificial intelligence (AI) technology which allows chatbots to understand natural language and respond more accurately than ever before.

As the use of chatbots grows so too does the need for regulation around their usage. In response to this need US lawmakers have begun looking into how best to regulate these technologies while still allowing them to be used effectively by businesses.

At present there are no federal laws governing the use of chatbots but some states have taken steps towards regulating them on a local level. For example California recently passed legislation requiring companies using AI-powered bots in customer service interactions with consumers disclose they are doing so at the start of each interaction. The law also requires companies inform customers about how their data is being collected and used during conversations with bots powered by AI algorithms like machine learning or natural language processing (NLP).

In addition several members of Congress have introduced bills aimed at protecting consumer privacy when it comes to automated systems like chatbots that collect personal information from users without their knowledge or consent. These proposed laws would require companies using such technologies disclose what data they’re collecting from users as well as give consumers control over how it’s used and shared with third parties if applicable.

It’s clear that US lawmakers recognize both the potential benefits and risks associated with emerging technologies like AI-powered chatbot systems which makes sense given their increasing prevalence in our lives today—from ordering food online to booking flights or even just chatting with friends on social media platforms like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp . As such it’s important that regulations keep up with technological advancements so we can ensure everyone remains safe while enjoying all these new tools offer us!

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