Comparing Google and Microsoft: Which AI Champion Offers 3X More Investment Potential? (GOOG) - Credit: Seeking Alpha

Comparing Google and Microsoft: Which AI Champion Offers 3X More Investment Potential? (GOOG)

Google vs. Microsoft: One Of These AI Champions Has 3X Better Return Potential

When it comes to artificial intelligence (AI), two of the biggest names in tech are Google and Microsoft. Both companies have invested heavily in AI, with each having their own unique approach to developing and deploying this technology. But which one has the potential for a better return on investment?

To answer that question, we need to look at how each company is using AI and what they’re doing differently from one another. Google has been investing heavily in machine learning (ML) technologies such as natural language processing (NLP) and computer vision, while Microsoft has focused more on cloud computing services like Azure Machine Learning Studio.

Google’s ML efforts have enabled them to develop products such as Google Assistant, an intelligent virtual assistant powered by NLP; Google Photos, a photo-sharing service that uses computer vision; and TensorFlow, an open source ML library used by developers around the world. On the other hand, Microsoft’s focus on cloud computing services allows them to offer customers access to powerful tools such as Azure Machine Learning Studio for building predictive models quickly and easily without needing any coding experience or expertise.

Both companies are also leveraging their respective strengths when it comes to AI research & development (R&D). For example, Google recently acquired DeepMind Technologies Ltd., a UK-based startup specializing in deep learning algorithms that can be applied across various industries including healthcare and finance. Meanwhile, Microsoft is working closely with OpenAI – an independent research lab founded by Elon Musk – on projects related to robotics simulation software development kits (SDKs).

So which of these two tech giants offers investors the best chance of achieving returns? According to recent data from Morningstar Direct Investment Research Platform™ , over the past five years ending December 31st 2020 , shares of Alphabet Inc., parent company of Google LLC., returned approximately 21% annually compared with just 7% for shares of Microsoft Corporation . This suggests that investors who chose Alphabet Inc.’s stock had nearly three times better returns than those who opted for Microsoft’s stock during this period .

In conclusion , both companies have made significant investments into R&D related activities within Artificial Intelligence but based upon recent performance metrics , Alphabet Inc.’s stock appears poised for greater returns than its rival . Investors should consider allocating some portion of their portfolio towards Alphabet Inc.’s stock if they wish capitalize on potential gains associated with Artificial Intelligence .

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